Peace of mind!

create a favourite spot in your home.

create a favourite spot in your home.

I think I find it funny that the last time I wrote was about giving them a piece of your mind. Letting it out and show that you were not blind.But then you never know in tomorrow what will you find. In a month you can turn blind. By that  I don’t mean literally but by this world that you have been racing behind. This heart of yours constantly reminds. But from one thing to another through out the day… you don’t have time?

So you struggle day by day… just few minutes to yourself … just some thoughts… just to make sense of what is really on your mind. Running from one thing to another, keeping yourself together that nine to five grind. You complain to yourself, others around you and they try to be kind. But where is that peace of mind?!

You leave one thing for another, try to fit it all and a thought from the past runs through your mind. Where once you wanted to be busy, you wanted a routine, you got what you wanted? Oh wow? Your God is Most Kind (Surah Al-Hajj). You still have the nerves to sit here and complain that you don’t have time? When you once wanted it all, why are you so blind?

Being grateful for it all is where you will find that peace of mind. What you have been searching for, what your heart to you is trying to remind. Sometimes to get peace of mind you need to give yourself a piece of your own mind. Because truly your God is Most Kind. He is Most Kind.


Good old days ?

Where you are today is far from where you were yesterday
It may even be you are different from what you were… yea?
You were left astray but now someone showed you the straight way
Now in a different way you live your life day by day
But you still see those people living their lives in the same old way
Then sometimes you remember what you had and were again like a replay
You got lots of words planned but you don’t know how to say
It’s like being lost on a subway.
Do you really wish you were the same old person you were yesterday?
Or maybe the life you lived yesterday was better than today?
If it was then don’t you think you should run back to it all today?
But If it’s not then don’t you think it’s the devil calling you back to his way?
You feel lost today, but guidance can be asked for while you pray.
So why do you really end up feeling this way?
Not once not twice but again and again?
Your life story has already been written with a pen
So why not be satisfied and happy with where you are today
And thank God that you are not where and what you were yesterday