Peace of mind!

create a favourite spot in your home.

create a favourite spot in your home.

I think I find it funny that the last time I wrote was about giving them a piece of your mind. Letting it out and show that you were not blind.But then you never know in tomorrow what will you find. In a month you can turn blind. By that  I don’t mean literally but by this world that you have been racing behind. This heart of yours constantly reminds. But from one thing to another through out the day… you don’t have time?

So you struggle day by day… just few minutes to yourself … just some thoughts… just to make sense of what is really on your mind. Running from one thing to another, keeping yourself together that nine to five grind. You complain to yourself, others around you and they try to be kind. But where is that peace of mind?!

You leave one thing for another, try to fit it all and a thought from the past runs through your mind. Where once you wanted to be busy, you wanted a routine, you got what you wanted? Oh wow? Your God is Most Kind (Surah Al-Hajj). You still have the nerves to sit here and complain that you don’t have time? When you once wanted it all, why are you so blind?

Being grateful for it all is where you will find that peace of mind. What you have been searching for, what your heart to you is trying to remind. Sometimes to get peace of mind you need to give yourself a piece of your own mind. Because truly your God is Most Kind. He is Most Kind.


99 names :O ?

The Greatest,The All-Compassionate, The All-Merciful,The Absolute Ruler, The Pure One,The Source of Peace,The Inspirer of Faith, The Guardian,The Victorious, The Compeller,The Greatest,The Creator, The Maker of Order, The Shaper of Beauty,The Forgiving,The Subduer, The Giver of All The Sustainer,The Opener,The Knower of AllThe Constrictor,The Reliever, The Abaser,The Exalter, The Bestower of Honors,The Humiliator,The Hearer of All,The Seer of All,The Judge,The Just,The Subtle One,The All-Aware,The Magnificient,The Forgiver and Hider of Faults,The Rewarder of Thankfulness,The Highest,The Greatest,The Preserver, The Nourisher, The Accounter,The Mighty,The Generous,The Watchful One The Responder to PrayerThe All-Comprehending, The Perfectly Wise, The Loving One,The Majestic One,The Ressurrector, The Witness, The Truth,The Trustee,The Possessor of All Strength,The Forceful One, The Governor,The Praised One,The Appraiser,The Originator,The Restorer,The Giver of Life, The Taker of Life, The Ever Living One,The Self-Existing One, The Finder, The Glorious, The One,The Satisfier of All Needs,The All Powerful, The Creator of All Power, The Expediter, The Delayer,The First,The Last,The Manifest OneThe Hidden One,The Protecting Friend, The Supreme One,The Doer of Good, The Guide to Repentance, The Avenger,The Forgiver,The Clement, The Owner of All,The Lord of Majesty and Bounty, The Equitable One,The Gathere,The Rich One,The Enricher, The Preventer of Harm, The Creator of The Harmful,The Creator of Good, The Light, The Guide,The Originator, The Everlasting One,The Inheritor of All,The Righteous Teacher,The Patient One.

get to know Him and see your world change.

peace be on you ツ