Peace of mind!

create a favourite spot in your home.

create a favourite spot in your home.

I think I find it funny that the last time I wrote was about giving them a piece of your mind. Letting it out and show that you were not blind.But then you never know in tomorrow what will you find. In a month you can turn blind. By that  I don’t mean literally but by this world that you have been racing behind. This heart of yours constantly reminds. But from one thing to another through out the day… you don’t have time?

So you struggle day by day… just few minutes to yourself … just some thoughts… just to make sense of what is really on your mind. Running from one thing to another, keeping yourself together that nine to five grind. You complain to yourself, others around you and they try to be kind. But where is that peace of mind?!

You leave one thing for another, try to fit it all and a thought from the past runs through your mind. Where once you wanted to be busy, you wanted a routine, you got what you wanted? Oh wow? Your God is Most Kind (Surah Al-Hajj). You still have the nerves to sit here and complain that you don’t have time? When you once wanted it all, why are you so blind?

Being grateful for it all is where you will find that peace of mind. What you have been searching for, what your heart to you is trying to remind. Sometimes to get peace of mind you need to give yourself a piece of your own mind. Because truly your God is Most Kind. He is Most Kind.


Art of happiness

This flower fell off. I think it deserves as much attention for its beauty as the other flowers that are still attached to their stems.

This flower fell off. I think it deserves as much attention for its beauty as the other flowers that are still in their place

There are time when we have expectations and others disappoint. We complain but its true that I am not here to live up to your expectation and you are not here to live up to mine. Yesterday I was out to give water to my plants and flowers. After I was done I noticed this one flower that fell off I think because the pressure was too much from their “shower”.  I was taking pictures of those flowers you see in the background. That is when I noticed this flower and on the ground it was found. Now I thought of this flower as a person or lets just say me. I still thought it was beautiful so what if it fell off not like it lost its beauty. I still thought it deserves a picture just like those any other flowers, plant or tree. This is exactly what happens when you don’t expect anything from this world and are free.

When you start expecting and wanting things the way you imagine them to be. You end up with disappointments and any other blessings you don’t count and see. Be like this flower independent and free. Not wanting someone to come take its picture or pay attention or give it a second glance and see. Only then you will get much more that you expected it to be. That is because you focus on today and not tomorrow or even the past and what it could have been. Only then you will reflect on everything separately and appreciate its beauty. Only then you will be expectation free. Only then you will be happy.

Find happiness within.


little treat after lunch at work; with a cherry on top

Often at times we look for happiness in things, people and something else. As if it is sold in stores and we can buy it off shelf. Look at your heart what do you find within yourself? Are we satisfied with what we have or are we chasing the happiness off shelves. Inner happiness is something that is worth achieving. once you have that the world around you doesn’t seem as deceiving . It is being satisfied with what you have. And not being depressed over what in your life you could have add. You prefer the worldly life while the hereafter is better and more enduring (Surah Al-Al’a). It is not the songs of this world but rather Quran that is more curing. Inner happiness is something that we all search for within our self being. Once you have that let me know if the worldly things are worth seeing. It is when you try not to be someone else but rather are happy in your own skin. It is when you are truly satisfied and thankful for what and how you are compared to what you been. It is when you are constantly striving and moving… to become better and working your way towards improving. Because what brings you happiness within thats what you need to keep choosing.