It’s been a long time.


this way to home.

It’s been a long time when out of nowhere with these words I stopped.In the race of this life there are so many holes and traps over which you always have to hop. Sometimes you can run past them as fast as you can while other times you end up falling in those holes deeper than it was actually planned. It all really depends on what is in your heart. What your intentions are, where do you want to go and where did you start? If your intentions are to run home then there will be no stop for you no matter how many roads you find blocked. But if your intentions are to look around and make some stops here and there then know that you are bound to drop.

By dropping in the hole I don’t mean that’s your end. Remember it is about the intentions and where we actually began. Just by falling does not mean you will now stay in that trap. If your heart remembers the real goal of running home you will eventually begin to suffocate in that plastic wrap. But if your heart has moved far away, it will sit there lost and confused not knowing where to look and what to grab. It is all really a self process of how fast you can bring yourself back. Truly it is the intentions of our hearts that we really need to track.

Sometimes we run as fast as we can. But other times we fall not remembering our life purpose and where we began. Sometimes all it takes is a prayer or a thought to bring ourselves back. And other times we sit there with our confused minds, the ability to get up again we lack. It is all a struggle and everyday we get attacked. To check how far you have come is the only time you should look back!


Peace of mind!

create a favourite spot in your home.

create a favourite spot in your home.

I think I find it funny that the last time I wrote was about giving them a piece of your mind. Letting it out and show that you were not blind.But then you never know in tomorrow what will you find. In a month you can turn blind. By that  I don’t mean literally but by this world that you have been racing behind. This heart of yours constantly reminds. But from one thing to another through out the day… you don’t have time?

So you struggle day by day… just few minutes to yourself … just some thoughts… just to make sense of what is really on your mind. Running from one thing to another, keeping yourself together that nine to five grind. You complain to yourself, others around you and they try to be kind. But where is that peace of mind?!

You leave one thing for another, try to fit it all and a thought from the past runs through your mind. Where once you wanted to be busy, you wanted a routine, you got what you wanted? Oh wow? Your God is Most Kind (Surah Al-Hajj). You still have the nerves to sit here and complain that you don’t have time? When you once wanted it all, why are you so blind?

Being grateful for it all is where you will find that peace of mind. What you have been searching for, what your heart to you is trying to remind. Sometimes to get peace of mind you need to give yourself a piece of your own mind. Because truly your God is Most Kind. He is Most Kind.


Getting inspired by these beauties on a rainy day.

Getting inspired by these yummy ice cream truffles on a rainy day.

It is hard for us to face rejection. Because around us we want no negativity and from others always want to see affection. There are many times we don’t even want something but when we get rejected by it we want to compete. Why didn’t I get selected, Why didn’t they pick me… that wanting of always being on top and others we want to beat. Not realizing that we got rejected by this because there is something better waiting for us down the street.

You can keep tasting chocolates till you eat the one that tastes best out of all. You will keep getting rejected until you have enough experience to still stand tall. You will keep getting rejected at interviews till you reach the one job that is meant to be yours. You will keep facing rejection till you reach that person you are actually  made for. You will keep asking for help in something and getting rejected till you knock on that one door. And you will keep failing that test over and over again till you get enough practice to get the highest score.

It is hard for us to face rejection because we always want to win. It doesn’t matter if we don’t even want that thing. We still busy ourselves with competing, loosing our sleep over it and making our heads spin. We get rejected only because there is something better for us at end. Think back to your life today and all those rejections through which you have been. Would you have all that you have today, or all that you did achieve if you stopped at that thing? We always think we know what is best for us but it is actually God who knows it all (Surah al-baqarah) and that is how it has always been. But sadly we forget it every time by competing, because this world we are trying to win.

Count them if you can

countless blessings

countless blessings. This sprinkler in my front lawn. If I keep my focus at one place there are many I can count while I miss all the other ones just like the blessings in our lives.

It is one of those day when you want to be in bed. You make plans but it is home where you want to be instead. There is this feeling in your heart perhaps an empty space. You can’t figure it out your thoughts you can’t put into place. You think of the past and some memories you unwrap. Then you come back to reality and decide it is better to just take a nap.  You wake up from the nap and you are sitting alone. You look at the view outside your window and reflect on the beauty that is shown. You think you will feel better so you decide to read. Still you can’t figure this feeling out and what exactly do you need.

All of a sudden you hear the call of prayer. As usual it makes the hair on your skin stand and out your window you stare. It is calling you to success. And you think really here I was sitting depressed? But that is not the feeling you feel now. You reflect on a total different thing and think I just heard all this how? You repeat the prayer and stare in shock. Oh my God I can repeat this and these words I can talk. Now you are sitting here with tears filing up your eyes. And you still look at the beauty outside and realize.

There is someone out there who can’t hear what you just heard. There is someone out there who unlike you can’t say the same words. There is someone out there who can’t see the beauty outside your window and stare at those flying birds.  And here you were sitting with a vision that is blurred? Be thankful because now that empty space is filled and the thoughts you had a while ago have been changed and transferred!

Be that friend

everyone is searching for a good friend; In a city full of people be that friend

Toronto Downtown 2am and our drive; everyone is searching for a good friend; In a city full of people be that friend

People change sometimes because of the influence other people had on them. Some turn good some turn bad God knows their heart while we know none. So you are not in touch with each other for a while. Then you see each other after years and you wonder what has happened to them  why are they acting that way what has happened to their style? Its sad we judge them in a second instead of waiting for a while. Maybe they had someone badly influencing them maybe with them they have walked few miles. Then once again you come in to their life. They see the goodness in you and try to keep their old image and act good in front of you  now that is what should make you smile.

I reflected on this today and thought it is true that a person is likely to follow the faith of his friend, so, look to whom you befriend (hadith). All the people you cross path with everyday you don’t know which of them needs a helping hand that you might need to lend. It is all a matter of how you act and how much time you spend. It is a city full of people searching for that one good friend. Who will not judge you or will want the bad for you and is not there to pretend. That one person who will advise them to do good (Surah asr) and on them they can depend. Want the same thing for other that you want for yourself (hadith) just so we can all have a good end. What is it going to take us to be that friend? Let us help each other and to that what is good to each other let us recommend.

Grateful yet still Ungrateful

Grapewine in my backyard; Can't wait to taste these and give them out as Sadaqa;

Grape wine in my backyard; if God wills can’t wait to taste these and give them out as Sadaqa;

Grateful yet still ungrateful I stand. Not able to count all the blessings and the way my life He planned. Sometimes  I sit there and into space I stare. I have thanked Him I think and have finished my prayer. Yet still not able to count all the blessings that I never asked for but they are there. There is sun and the moon, the sweet scented plants (Surah Ar-Rahman). You are breathing, you are healthy look at those fingers of your hands. Whatever you ask of Him much more than that He grants. It is such a blessing to acknowledge the blessings in your life, shed two tears or sit for a while and cry. Because really which of His favours in your life will you deny (Surah Ar-Rahman).

I am thankful for the times I am reminded so I sit there and count. What have I asked for and what I never asked for there is no fixed amount. The blessing itself is when you acknowledge the hidden blessing you never looked at before. You sit there in awe and feel like you are a small rock compared to the huge sea shore. I am thankful for everything He has given me but there is so much more. That I never realized or looked at and sometimes ignore. Grateful yet still ungrateful today we stand. Because truly He has given us much more than we can actually hold in our hands.

One cupcake at a time

Lunch at work, run to 4 blocks away to get cupcakes for my family; a treat because it is friday.

Today’s inspiration be lunch at work, running 4 blocks away to get cupcakes for my family; a treat because it is Friday.

Today I was out for lunch not to eat but I guess you can call it a run. I went few blocks away just to put a smile on the faces of my loved ones. It is the little things you do sometimes with good intentions for Allah’s sake. That sometimes bringing benefits for you in ways you never imagined isn’t that great. She was putting my order in the box as I saw. I was telling her I want this one and this one and it left me in awe. What if our lives was the same? What if we chose ourselves what we wanted in life then would we be the ones to blame? We should be glad and thankful that One God is looking above us and already knows what is written under our name. I think if we were to pick what we wanted and we would feel continuous shame.

It is not like we don’t get what we want because whatever you ask of Him He gives it all (Surah Ibraheem). Yet we don’t give thanks and walk around full of pride and tall. Being Humble is realizing that it is not you but God who controls it all. It is having everything in your hand and still thinking of yourself small. If you love those cupcakes and keep eating different flavours but one cupcake at a time. It is like this world where there are those never ending stairs you have to climb. After you eat them all it leaves you all hungry again. You keep wanting more and more but there is nothing that you will gain. Then you gain some weight now let me ask you who is the one to blame? Just like when these worldly things break your heart isn’t that a shame.

I love cake and I admit I wanted to try all flavours of them and wanted to buy it all.  Then I realized the need over my wants and decided to get only six from the smalls. I brought it home the intention was good so on their faces I did see a smile. Because we each took one and it was one cupcake at a time.

Never seen a girl like you.

the cake topper off this yummy pistachio icecream cake I got for this girl <3

the cake topper off this yummy pistachio ice cream cake I got for this girl.

Often times I know what to say and how to get my message through. But today what to write I have no clue. She often tells me I have never seen a girl like you. But mama I feel special when people tell me I look just like you. I talk like you I laugh like you some even tell me I walk like you. Nobody knows your struggle and what you have been through. All those sacrifices you made for us only God knew. When we are younger we search for those perfect friends. As we grow older we realize our parents are our best friends. They are the only ones true to us till the end. Not being selfish and always ready to spend. She feeds you before she eats herself now isn’t that true. All those times she said she wasn’t hungry because there wasn’t enough only God knew. Her one smile makes your whole day go well all the way through. I have never seen a girl like you.

The paradise lies under the feet (hadith). There is no other like her who takes care of our needs. It is you who keeps everything organized and neat. There is no other but you who is always sweet. A family without you is a family incomplete. There are people out there in their lives who don’t have what we do. who don’t have a mom as caring there are those too. our struggles and sacrifices don’t add up to what you do. All the pain and struggles no one knows what you’ve been through. Yet still stronger than before you stand here asking us what should I cook for you. There is no one else who is more true. Forgive us for being ignorant at time and forgetting that in front of your eyes we grew. There is no one else who knows us more than you do. You are strong you are beautiful and I have never seen a girl like you. Some day I hope to become just like you. Because I want to talk like you I want to walk like you. I even want to laugh like you. Here is a big thank you for all that you do. and for being truer than true. I love it when you say I have never seen a girl like you.

Because truly never seen a girl like you ❤

Find your own way to happiness.


dundas square; break from work; and the smile it put on my face when I took it.

The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow do good anyway. Don’t hold your words back because there may be a need for you to say. Take a few minutes everyday to be thankful and pray. Because what you have in your life is not here forever to stay. The blessings you have in your life you won’t get any happiness by putting them on display. Someone is wishing to have a life like  yours that you are living today. So be thankful for what you have and towards happiness find your own way. Be grateful for what you have today rather than tomorrow when it might be too late. And that blessing goes away. But don’t you worry there will always be another to replace. Because God is the Most Merciful He will love you always. Happiness is having a connection with God so towards Him find your way. Focus on the good and you will find happiness around you always. Focus on yourself and towards happiness you will always find your own way.

Favourite man!!

A picture worth a thousand words; papa

 This path made of flowers leading to that man; woodbine nursery June 2014

my heart smiles at my favourite man. Who taught me how to walk by letting me hold his hand. Who worked so hard to provide us with all that he can. Got us what he didn’t get just so one day we won’t demand. Today lets all go and look at our fathers hands. You will see his struggles,  the striving and how his life he planned. Always there to hold you back when you are about to fall. Always teaching  you how to stand independent and tall. Always protecting you and towards others not letting you crawl. Always checking up on you through his phone calls. Looking at how hard he worked so you can have a good life… for that you know he deserves an applause. He is happy when you are happy and sad when you are sad. Look closely there is love even when he is mad. Blessings like him are the ones for which everyday you need to be thankful for and get glad. There are people out there who don’t have what you have. Some wish they had a dad. We will never understand how they feel until  one day we go through the same. That one day we will feel we haven’t done much for him and will be ashamed. I want to do this and that for him sometimes I sit there and plan… in the same way how he filled my life with all these flowers by giving me all that he can. Today go home smile at him and hold his hands. Take a deep breathe and just tell him that He is your favourite man.

papa ❤ !