Five before five

I love productive days. Today was one of them.

I love productive days. Today was one of them.

Don’t you just love productive days where you feel like you got so much done. The days where you feel you are so organized and are on a constant run.  Recently I woke up one morning  panicking at the fact how fast time is flying. Then I felt better by reflecting over how much I achieved in the past 6 months and that motivated me to keep trying. Life is a continuous struggle but what will matter in the end is how hard we strive. And we can’t try our best if we don’t care of our five before five (hadith).

We must take care of  our youth before our old age. And we can truly take care of that when we understand that everyday in our lives is a new page. Your life is where you give your best performance and you must always think of it as your personal stage. Things that don’t benefit us is those many times in our lives we engage. But what matters is how fast we come back to realizing and freeing ourselves from that cage.

Next is taking care of our health before we fall sick. Take it as an example that you are walking without a burden and all of a sudden on your shoulders there is a heavy brick. With that brick now you can’t walk as fast and there are many things that go on a delay which before you could have done quick.

Your wealth before you go broke. It is better to be wise and not waste all that money as if life is a joke. Because once you are done with your wealth there is really nobody who will help you sincerely and that is usually when God many people invoke.

Your free time before your days get all booked up. And you can’t find the time to even sit with your family just for one tea cup. And then you remember those days you were all free and didn’t do much. And now you don’t have time for anything just your luck.

Lastly we must take care of our life before our death. Because it is all over and done when we take our last breath. Leaving behind our health, time, our age and our wealth. There is nothing much that can be done then there is no one then who we can ask for help.


We love to hate

this beauty found in my backyard eating our plant leaves of course. But I didn't hate it for that I admired it's beauty instead.

Hate eats your heart bit by bit. This beauty found in my backyard eating our plant leaves of course. But I didn’t hate it for that I admired it’s beauty instead.

Hate is a strong word. Especially when you want your voice to be heard. Notice when you use it what message you just transferred? They say actions speak louder than words.  Reflect today on how you talk, are your words as beautiful as the flying birds? You have enough time to hate when really you can improve your life.  See the negativity you pass just by the way you hold that knife. Hate exists for things and people that you still love but no longer believe in. Think about how many times you use this word and how long this has been? Reflect on that do you really feel this from within? Or are you just using this word for a conversation to begin. I hate you, I hate him, I hate her … I can go on and on till our heads spin. Who are we harming? Just ourselves and that is exactly where it begins.

Hate no one, no matter how much they have wronged you. The person you were friends with yesterday, tomorrow may turn against you. What you love today tomorrow you might dislike that too. So why waste all this time creating negativity around you? Understand that these things, people and your heart change as the seasons do. That is exactly why you need to be moderate and keep a balance in all that you do (hadith). Don’t love too much that your world revolves around that view. And then you start complaining when your heart breaks through.

Out of hate and love, in our lives love is much preferred. Create that positivity around you and see how easy it is to be heard. Always keep focused so your life purpose is not blurred. Because once that gets blurred you let hate enter you life.. and that is a strong word.

Be that friend

everyone is searching for a good friend; In a city full of people be that friend

Toronto Downtown 2am and our drive; everyone is searching for a good friend; In a city full of people be that friend

People change sometimes because of the influence other people had on them. Some turn good some turn bad God knows their heart while we know none. So you are not in touch with each other for a while. Then you see each other after years and you wonder what has happened to them  why are they acting that way what has happened to their style? Its sad we judge them in a second instead of waiting for a while. Maybe they had someone badly influencing them maybe with them they have walked few miles. Then once again you come in to their life. They see the goodness in you and try to keep their old image and act good in front of you  now that is what should make you smile.

I reflected on this today and thought it is true that a person is likely to follow the faith of his friend, so, look to whom you befriend (hadith). All the people you cross path with everyday you don’t know which of them needs a helping hand that you might need to lend. It is all a matter of how you act and how much time you spend. It is a city full of people searching for that one good friend. Who will not judge you or will want the bad for you and is not there to pretend. That one person who will advise them to do good (Surah asr) and on them they can depend. Want the same thing for other that you want for yourself (hadith) just so we can all have a good end. What is it going to take us to be that friend? Let us help each other and to that what is good to each other let us recommend.

In your eyes

a mini break from work and I let my thoughts wander.

a mini afternoon break at work and I let my thoughts wander.

Today as I was off to lunch, the Head of all the managers walking in front. I kept a distance by few steps. Just so they can go ahead and It won’t be awkward to walk together instead. He sees me few steps behind. Opens the door for me, smiles and lets me go out first. I am not reflecting on this because I was happy or impressed. Or that I want to praise him and make him look the best. It just makes me think of humbleness. A great man always wants to look little in others eyes. An action done with a good intention is acceptable in Allah’s eyes. The ones that hide their good deeds are the wise. The unwise are the ones who think because of these worldly things compared to others they are high. Reflect on yourself and give eachother good advise (hadith). Because we are all the same in front of that God who loves to give and is shy (hadith). Question yourself today are you humble in your own eyes? Or are you just wearing a disguise ?

Because you are a giver

home is where your heart wants to be; stars,moon to view and bbq to eat

this home of mine is where my heart lives

Because you are a giver… Your services to others you always want to deliver. Be generous but don’t be a spend thrift. There should be a difference between letting you get used and just giving gifts. What you give in this world will benefit you in the end. But there is also a type of giving that won’t be beneficial and be your friend. That is when you give away your good deeds. Do you realize that’s the only thing in the end you will need? That is the only time being selfish will help you succeed. We complain often times when from others we don’t get back the same thing. When we do so much for others but when it’s our turn the same services back they don’t bring.

So basically it works in a simple way. When we don’t get the same back from others there is so much that we say. First we didn’t get that worldly thing we wanted from them now  along with that to them our good deeds we gave away. They were selfish they didn’t help you out … and now you exchanged your good deeds with them isn’t that great?How foolish are we I’m sorry to say!

If you can’t say good then say nothing at all (hadith). When you sit there talking about others … it is you in the end compared to them who looks small. Keep giving not expecting more than you can. It is the righteous who fear God that want to spend (Surah Muminoon). Keep the worldly things in your hand instead of attaching your heart. Just so when you give it to others and don’t get the same back you don’t fall apart. When you start building expectations that is when you fall short.

Because you are a giver … give all from your heart that you can. But just remember to be selfish with your good deeds … take care of them and to others do not lend. Because you are a giver… others will take advantage and most times your back you will have to bend… but do it not for them but for Allah just so you can have a good end.

Lesson to me first then foremost

Those twenty nine days

painted some canvases for my friends as ramadan gifts;

painted some canvases to give as Ramadan gifts;

The twenty nine days of Ramadan are gone. Does it feel like your faith has been reborn? What are you taking from these days to act on? it all passed so quickly I feel ashamed. I feel like I didn’t do much and only I can be blamed. I got busy here and there and didn’t really get a break. There were things I should’ve done but ended up making the same mistakes.  But here I am reminding myself that Allah loves those who turn to Him again and again. He is the Most Merciful I say this as outside it rains. who knows if me and you will get to see Ramadan again? so take what came to you and give thanks. Perhaps just because of that He will raise you in ranks. The best loved deeds to Allah are those that you continue to do ( hadith ). so what if they are little acts…who are you comparing it to? It doesn’t matter if others don’t see you doing it as long as He knew. Always recheck your intentions to make sure they are true.  May Allah accept it from me and you.

the fourth one.

the wealth, the status,the beauty
i’ll say the truth that i have none
the only valuable thing i have is my religion
a woman may be married for four things
only one of them is that will bring the blessings
if you knew my sins you would never sit with me
neither would you see any beauty
i would get old and will lose that spark that was once seen
they will all pass away the ones i got the status from that i love dearly
the money comes and goes all with Allah’s mercy
at the end religion is the only thing that will stay with me
which will even give me the rest of the three
the wealth, the status and even the beauty
so why shouldn’t i pick the one thats the most beneficial to be
the rest will come along for free
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) even said pick the woman
with the  fourth thing leaving the other three
she will be the best, but its your choice you can pick any
so when the guidance is given, why should i bother with the test
i’ll pick the fourth quality for my self being…
the rest Allah knows best