Breaking off attachments


Everything and everyone in our lives will one day leave us at a point. We will feel empty when they leave thinking back to when we thought us, they would never disappoint. A time comes in our lives that slowly all the attachments break. The family members pass away, the daughters get married, and the sons have their own families you can say. Our friends make new friends and families they need to look after everyday. And here we are sitting with empty hearts and a heart ache.

We think we finally found the people who understand our hearts but there is also a time comes when we realize and say to ourselves what a mistake. Why did we share that secret or tell them that story, we should have just stayed quiet for God’s sake. We feel disappointed when the attachments break. But we don’t realize that God is still here, the One who created us and that is where on our thoughts we need to put a break. It is so easy to be dependent on someone if they keep doing things for you and so easily  from them everything we want to take. But some also have the hearts to walk away so easily forgetting the ones who for them stayed awake.

Everything we get attached to in this world will some day walk away. Every thing we depend on in this world will some day break. You have to keep breaking your heart by breaking off these worldly attachments day by day. It is not to hurt you or give you a heart ache. But rather to build you stronger and protect you from all the fake. It is to make you be independent and not lay there in your bed worrying over what others think of you and spending all your nights awake. It is to help you to not expect anything from anyone besides God and doing things only for His sake!


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