Quality in your quantity.

Rainy Days.

Rainy Days and I am just here taking pictures of the creation.

There are times we measured how much to others we gave. Oh they only gave me this much so I can’t give no more than that, let me just save. It is not really about how much we can give or not. It is how much quality we put into that thought. You can even give a penny and still have intentions that are true. And you can give millions of dollars and fill your heart with pride all the way through. Sometimes others ask for help and we agree. We help them in the limited ways because always on top it can only be me. Setting ourselves up for competition when really we can just feel good by helping them and set ourselves free. Give as much as you can but with the right thoughts. Tell yourself you are here to help them and you will give it your best shot. It doesn’t matter if we hand a penny over or the million dollars  car we bought. At the end of the day you can sleep peacefully by knowing that the quantity you gave was full of quality and to someone somewhere that means a lot!


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