The credit goes to you?


out my window.

We take pictures of the creation to show to the creation, to get credit from the creation for something we didn’t create.
Forgetting the Creator who created that creation because for everything the credit we ourselves want to take. 


7 thoughts on “The credit goes to you?

  1. I am one woman who takes pictures created by the Creator, and know it. I am continually humbled to be allowed the privilege of photographing the beauty I do. I really love your photo. Makes one really THINK. Love, Amy


    • Your pictures are amazing Amy 🙂 I am a fan!! it is people like you who bring forth the hidden beauty in things to the front that sometimes we are too busy in our lives to notice and reflect on. Thank you for doing that for us.


      • Nida, you are so very welcome. Even I get so busy in life sometimes I don’t see either. I have deliberately stepped back from blogging as I normally do, to start seeing again. It is not easy to blog the way I do, to keep in contact with so many people, AND concentrate on the NOW to photograph, and to LOVE my family. The time I am taking off is showing in my photographs right now. I again am stepping into magic. I had to open comments today and to blog a little just today because I really miss everyone!! Probably the rest of the week, I will be again taking off from blogging. With Love, Amy


      • I understand it gets a little out of control when you have such a huge audience who is looking forward to those wonderful photos but at the end of the day it makes you feel good that you brought someone’s attention towards that beauty they may have not had the time to see otherwise, and also that this might give them hope for better things in life and motivation to keep going. Your pictures make me appreciate and reflect on how much beauty is in this world that I may not see where I am but thankful that I get to see it through your eyes and camera. Hope all is going well with you 🙂


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