In places no one will find

Somewhere from my trip last year.

Somewhere from my trip last year.

There are times some thoughts come to your mind. And you wonder how did I even come up with all these ideas and thoughts combined? Remembering some past that you have already left behind. Creating all these situations in your head that you cannot even define. Taking you into places that no one will find. Leaving you with shaking your head that how did I manage to think of this design. You come back to reality as if for a while thinking of all that you have been blind. Sometimes the best response to someone comes later to your mind. And you sit there wishing to go back and say it, hoping for a button that says rewind.

Your heart is a place that no one will ever find. You think you met the perfect people who understand you but you are just rating them based on a criteria in your heart that you designed. All those people that walked away with them a little piece of your heart that you left behind. All those memories you created  in places no one will find. They all come back to you again and again to remind. Some past just annoys you while other makes you smile and helps you unwind.

Sometimes you visit those places that you have been to in the past. You remember everything that happened there and reflect on what you still have and what didn’t last. It hurts your heart and you try to protect it as if its been made of glass. And you walk away from there looking on the other side so fast. As if not facing it will make you stronger and you can keep your heart all wrapped in that cast.

Then you come home confused  having all these thoughts in your mind. You can’t figure out if you are strong or weak and this feeling you cannot define. Why can’t you forget about what didn’t last? Why can’t you move on without remembering the past? And here you sit with all these thoughts as if you are being harassed.

It is okay to be weak and think of all that you left behind. It is by thinking of everything that helps your thoughts to be recombined. Strength comes from visiting those places again that no one will find. To sit there for a while and press the button of rewind. It is by remembering everything that helps you to create a better present for yourself that you can design. Because you wouldn’t be where you are today if you never went to those places no one will find.


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