Performance appraisal of a mother

mom watering her favourite flower basket.

My mom watering her favourite flower basket; Even flowers need water to live, An employee needs appreciation to perform better.

I have been thinking of this from the past few days. By choosing human resources as a profession I reflected on how an employee always appreciates for his work some praise.  So then I looked and reflected on how a mom spends her days. I am not talking about a mom who works outside and then comes back. I am reflecting today only on a mother who stays home and of everything she keeps track. That is her full time job did you ever see her slack? If you are working out somewhere you always want to hear good about your work. It doesn’t matter if you hold a high position of a manager or you are a clerk. When your work gets appreciated and praised it keeps you going.  It motivates you in a way that you suddenly want to achieve so much more by keep growing. One good comment about your work makes you smile all day and others see it in your face glowing.

Then there is a mom somewhere who stays at home. Always the first one to wake up, making you breakfast, getting you ready and when you were young your hair she even used to comb. Her husband leaves for work then, and her kids for school and all day she is alone. Cleaning, cooking, laundry, putting everything in place and just waiting for you to come home. You come home, you eat, you leave your stuff everywhere, not saying thank you and no appreciation shown. And still she continues to do everything for you without getting mad or demotivated… are you kidding me ? Is her heart made of stone?!!!

She deserves as much appreciation as you think you do. She cooks the food for you tell her it tastes so good as you chew. When you find everything organized and neat say thank you. Who else will she get appreciation from beside you? She knows you inside out don’t ever forget in front of her eyes you grew. She gets so worried and find all these different ways to make you feel better even if you just have flu.

Mama here is a Performance Appraisal to you. You are the best example that we learned everything through. Thank You so much for all that you do. No pay cheques, no bonuses, no benefits and you still do what you do.  Just to see us happy and satisfied, none of us are as good employees as you. All these mothers deserve the best in everything after all that we put them through.


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