The good in the morning, Sunshine.

Today's inspiration be my pillowcases and a beautiful morning outside.

Today’s inspiration be my pillowcases and a beautiful morning outside

I always loved my sleep and the idea of waking up late. This society want us being professional so why make all these university classes timings at night so late? Making us stay up all night and in the mornings we can’t wake. Then University ended and I started working, great! Where I have to be at work no later than eight. Sun is rising and I have to stand at the bus stop to wait. I am not complaining but at least let me eat and finish off what is on my plate. It took a while to get into that routine and I started to think straight. The beauty in the morning is so magical such a blessing let me just state.

I am in love with early mornings now that feeling so blessed. Where you see so many things happening only at that time who could have guessed. The golden morning, the birds chirping, the morning smiles from strangers, Oh I am definitely impressed! Before I was a sunset fan but now to witness the sunrises I am so obsessed!  These morning are what makes you keep going and gives you so much hope. There are there to teach you that after night the sun rises don’t let go of that rope. We all have our own problems and there are some with we can’t cope. Yet this morning comes everyday to teach us how to walk without slipping on that slope.

The sun rises and at that time the colours of this world are the most bright. If you don’t believe me go out early morning and on everything see that shining light. Everything will make you smile that comes in your sight. There is a lot more of the good in the morning sunshine. While you walk out there reflect on the One who created all this design. Who created the birds, the trees and made the beautiful sun shine. Get your thoughts together there is so much you need to achieve and your ideas you need to combine. And if someone asks you how you are feeling, give them your biggest smile, don’t just say fine! Go brighten up someone’s day with that beautiful smiles of yours that shines.


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