A beautiful woman inside out.


Be beautiful by being you by trying not to blend in with the picture; Picture taken at Toronto Island.

There is an inner beauty about a woman who believes in herself. Who isn’t impressed by these materialistic things on the shelf. Who is not following this ideal image but rather walking by herself. This society trying to ruin us, honestly we all need help. It is so easy to see what others are eating and wanting the same for yourself. It is like we are in a competition to prove ourselves.

Trying so hard to fit in, even if it doesn’t taste good the same food as others we want to chew. There are so many following the ideal image and those who create their own example are very few. A beautiful woman is capable of anything she puts her mind to. So why are you trying so hard to fit that image as if you have been glued. The designer watch, the same jacket as others, and those shoes. Why are you blending in with others and not trying to pull through? Are you scared of being just ‘you’? I am not saying I am perfect because there are many times I fall too.

But we need to understand there is a beauty about a woman who knows she can fall, but then picks herself and keep going on towards what she has to do. There is an inner beauty about a woman who respects herself not to show off all that skin. Who can leave others to being curious by covering herself and still hold high that chin. No matter how others treat her she continues to grin. Who takes care of herself and is not obsessed with this image created by the society of being super thin.

There is an inner beauty in the strength of a woman who follows her path. Who no matter what comes in her way, with her goal and life purpose she does not stop. Who sticks with her words and does not flop. That is a woman who always stays on the top.  You don’t need an Ideal image created by this society to teach you how to be beau (beautiful). God is beautiful so how can He create someone that is not beautiful too? We all are beautiful it takes a while to view. Because you can only be beautiful by being just you. Look within yourself, you are beautiful, you had it all along if only you knew…


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