These clouds an illusion.

Walk home today and I couldn't take my eyes off.

Walk home today and I couldn’t take my eyes off.

There was a time  in our lives when we wanted to jump on the clouds. You know when they turn so fluffy and get together and make a crowd. Then we would go hiking sometime and from the top of the mountain see them fly away. Whenever we finally come close to them how come they don’t stay? How come when we finally catch up with them they run away. We would come back not knowing the answers for each other and not having much to say.

Of these big fluffy clouds I have always been a fan. Who puts them together, their shapes who plans? So many questions we hold in our hands. Who sends forth the winds so they raise a cloud? God spreads it forth in the sky as He pleases (Surah Ar-Rum) and puts them into crowds.  Such a confusion sometimes even when the answer is available yet we wonder out loud. Imagine if we could touch them  if only we were allowed? That is where we get fooled by this world because with having everything in our hands we feel too proud.

This world seems to work just like that. After all these clouds are part of this world that everyday we look at. You try to get to close to the world and it will turn flat. But if you were to look from standing far away it looks beautiful to look at. That is the trick we need to understand and work at. Run after this world and there is nothing that we will gain. Stand far away the clouds will look beautiful and after that you even get to enjoy the rain. But if you keep running after the clouds they will keep running away. Causing so much confusion in your life and all that pain. When you don’t understand why it is happening, what a shame. It will keep doing it to you again and again. Until one day you decide to walk your own away and just enjoy their beauty along as in their place they remain. This world will only look beautiful when from running after it you refrain.

Only when on your own path you remain…


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