We keep it silent


we keep it silent; photo shoot few years back

When it comes to talking we can go on all day. But if they were to ask you tell me about yourself what would you say? What you are today you were not always the same. There was a time you were lost in this world having no clue what is the right way. There were times you were betrayed. There were times you got in trouble and were gone astray. There were times you were accused of things you didn’t even say? There were times you wanted to put your life on display. But there were also a lot of times you had good days. Until you realized where you are going and that is when you fell on your face one day.

It is beautiful how God brings you closer to Him at no cost. All those people in the past with who your path crossed. you fell in love and yes you lost. Till you realized this world’s game and wanted to turn back.  You struggled, you fell, you lost and with this world the price you paid. You learned how to crawl, walk, run and then continued to walk on your way.  Sometimes you keep it silent and continue to pray. You see the beauty all around you and are inspired by the beautiful sun rays. There are so many actions you should have taken but sometimes you let it all go away.

You are inspired by different things sometimes it is the sun, flowers, or even rainy days. What you lost, how you are treated sometimes we can relate. But mostly you are inspired by God and the guidance He sends down your way. There are good experiences and bad experiences but that is just the life’s way.

It is what you take out of both of those experiences that matters in the end. Countless lessons you keep learning as His blessings He sends. To be wise is one thing but there was a time on this world you continued to spend. You were searching for happiness as if it is a worldly trend. Till you realized that it is all a game to pretend. Till you learned that we are all the same and on each other we can’t really depend. Till you felt the happiness from giving just for God’s sake and the times a helping hand you lend. Till you started having conversations with people you didn’t know as if for many years you have been friends.

You keep learning as you keep getting guided along your way. There are so many words your want to say. But the right time for them might not be today.But  it will all come sooner or later and surely you can wait.

And here you keep it silent till that one day!!


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