Ending of another day.

end of the day thoughts.

end of the day thoughts.

There is such a routine to our days. The moon shines at night and in the morning its the sun rays. We eat and drink, the weather is hot and then there is the cool shade. Take a minute to reflect on how much variety there is around you in one place. We get bored easily when there is a lack of change. The days are good and not so good we get them one by one in turn (Surah Al-Imran). Yet we don’t learn from our mistakes and there are no lessons that we learn. God provides for us so much variety we don’t take a minute to say thank you in return. It is all around us but who has the time it is not our concern? We get it all but if one thing goes missing for it we only yearn. Forgetting everything else that we have in our lives that we didn’t even earn. A good person is not only the one who prays but also the one that goes on the path to learn. There are good deeds of the heart, the wealth you spend for a good cause and also the good you say with your tongue.

There are people out there who don’t even pray yet they are more thankful than you. And then you complain in your prayers that why they have more than you do?  You lay in bed at night some people  don’t even have that too. Your stomach is filled and you are satisfied but for some people starvation is nothing new. Your family is smiling and healthy and they are all around you. There are people who lost it all and the word “family’ they once upon a time knew. Shame on me and shame on you for being so ungrateful as if we have no clue. We take it all for granted all the time, ask someone what it means to have all that you do.

It doesn’t take long to count 5 things today right now as you think it through. Take a minute before you end your day to say thanks for all that has been given to you.


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