Count them if you can

countless blessings

countless blessings. This sprinkler in my front lawn. If I keep my focus at one place there are many I can count while I miss all the other ones just like the blessings in our lives.

It is one of those day when you want to be in bed. You make plans but it is home where you want to be instead. There is this feeling in your heart perhaps an empty space. You can’t figure it out your thoughts you can’t put into place. You think of the past and some memories you unwrap. Then you come back to reality and decide it is better to just take a nap.  You wake up from the nap and you are sitting alone. You look at the view outside your window and reflect on the beauty that is shown. You think you will feel better so you decide to read. Still you can’t figure this feeling out and what exactly do you need.

All of a sudden you hear the call of prayer. As usual it makes the hair on your skin stand and out your window you stare. It is calling you to success. And you think really here I was sitting depressed? But that is not the feeling you feel now. You reflect on a total different thing and think I just heard all this how? You repeat the prayer and stare in shock. Oh my God I can repeat this and these words I can talk. Now you are sitting here with tears filing up your eyes. And you still look at the beauty outside and realize.

There is someone out there who can’t hear what you just heard. There is someone out there who unlike you can’t say the same words. There is someone out there who can’t see the beauty outside your window and stare at those flying birds.  And here you were sitting with a vision that is blurred? Be thankful because now that empty space is filled and the thoughts you had a while ago have been changed and transferred!


3 thoughts on “Count them if you can

  1. Jazakallaahu Khayra. Allah has blessed with the power of expression… amazing flow of thoughts….Mashaa’Allah, for which one need to be grateful to Allah.
    Keep up your good work, sister.


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