We love to hate

this beauty found in my backyard eating our plant leaves of course. But I didn't hate it for that I admired it's beauty instead.

Hate eats your heart bit by bit. This beauty found in my backyard eating our plant leaves of course. But I didn’t hate it for that I admired it’s beauty instead.

Hate is a strong word. Especially when you want your voice to be heard. Notice when you use it what message you just transferred? They say actions speak louder than words.  Reflect today on how you talk, are your words as beautiful as the flying birds? You have enough time to hate when really you can improve your life.  See the negativity you pass just by the way you hold that knife. Hate exists for things and people that you still love but no longer believe in. Think about how many times you use this word and how long this has been? Reflect on that do you really feel this from within? Or are you just using this word for a conversation to begin. I hate you, I hate him, I hate her … I can go on and on till our heads spin. Who are we harming? Just ourselves and that is exactly where it begins.

Hate no one, no matter how much they have wronged you. The person you were friends with yesterday, tomorrow may turn against you. What you love today tomorrow you might dislike that too. So why waste all this time creating negativity around you? Understand that these things, people and your heart change as the seasons do. That is exactly why you need to be moderate and keep a balance in all that you do (hadith). Don’t love too much that your world revolves around that view. And then you start complaining when your heart breaks through.

Out of hate and love, in our lives love is much preferred. Create that positivity around you and see how easy it is to be heard. Always keep focused so your life purpose is not blurred. Because once that gets blurred you let hate enter you life.. and that is a strong word.


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