The storm inside you.

The thunder storm and a night full of rain last night. EVerything has its own beauty depends on how you look at it.

Today’s inspiration be  the thunder storm and a night full of rain last night.

You feel inside you building a storm. When those people get away with things who kept doing you wrong. You are annoyed you are mad and inside you there is building a storm. You wonder if it was a joke on you if so how well did they perform? All these confused feelings and thoughts in your head by them it is yourself you are doing a harm. There is strong wind of thoughts and lightening of anger and then finally from the rain there is calm. It gets better for a while then after few days it starts again sadly it has become the norm.

You keep feeling this way while they may be having the time of their lives living it away. Is that really fair to say when you are not even the one to betray. There are times you go weak but you struggle, force yourself and continue to pray. You fall down on your face but you  get up again. All these feelings may end up taking you into doing something wrong. But you learn how to crawl and out of it find your way. Now look at yourself in the mirror, smile and say I am strong.

It takes a selfish person to be careless, take advantage of others, do wrong and then walk away. But it takes courage to think of others before yourself and what is yours let it all go away. It takes strength to hold your words back, not fight back when you know you are the right one to say. It takes patience to show respect to the one who tried so hard to make you fall on your way. Now you sit here and understand when in all those prayers you asked for things and why there was a delay.

So don’t feel helpless when you keep falling down. Just because they got away with doing wrong that does not mean they hold the crown. Because lessons in life will be repeated until you learn. What they do in life is not your worry so you should not be concerned. I promise you one day it will all come back and on them it will all take a turn. Because the One who is the Most Just will not give up on you till to Him you return.

So let this storm build inside you. See the beauty as you watch this view. Question the rain that Who is sending it down to you? Question the trees Who is shaking and moving you all the way through? Question the thunder you are exalting who? Then when the rain comes down stand by your window let those tears fall down one by one and sometimes two. Look at how far you came and reflect on the lessons you learned from the storm that you passed through.


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