The credit goes to you?


out my window.

We take pictures of the creation to show to the creation, to get credit from the creation for something we didn’t create.
Forgetting the Creator who created that creation because for everything the credit we ourselves want to take. 


Our hearts made of metal.

These fake hearts are more valuable; sad truth

These metal hearts are more valuable; sad truth

Its past midnight and I sit here and think. How heartless can we really be, I let this feeling inside me sink. You feel the pain of other when they are being unjustly treated because you find a link. But you do wrong to others so many times without even having a second thought or even letting your eyes blink. It is okay if you do it but wrong when others do the same. Only you have feelings while others don’t, such a shame. I can do whatever I want but when others do me wrong I can point fingers and blame. And we find happiness in watching people being treated badly because ‘oh they once did us wrong’… truly that is the world’s game.

But what is the matter with you why do you not help each other (Surah As-Saffat)? Why do you get happy when your mom is happy with you but gets mad at your brother?  Why do you not have the patience to slow your pace when walking behind someone who can’t walk fast?  How do you have the heart to stand there and watch a lion dragging a man away but rather making a video so it can last? When someone asks for your help why all of a sudden you are full of pride because they don’t know but you know it all? Why can’t you help one another it is not like by doing that you get small?

You hold a real live heart beating inside you. Is it as beautiful as you look from outside if someone was to look through? You can spend the whole day wasting time and money but you always give second thoughts if someone asks you for help or a dollar and two. You don’t know how to react or say two words of encouragement to someone who pours their heart to you. And then you sit here with a hard heart having no feelings towards anyone but you. It is not making you stronger but rather weak, it is sad how this world makes us believe the opposite, sad but true.

A heart dies when a human dies that is the truth. But your heart dies before you die if your world only revolves around you. My phone, my car, my clothes and my shoes. Of those suffering and dying please don’t describe to me that view. Because we are so busy living this fake life that we ourselves drew. The reality only hits us when the same experience we ourselves go through. How did we become so heartless? I am talking about me and you. Why do we not help one another through? It doesn’t matter if it is lending a pencil or giving in charity or even standing up for something that is true? It is all help at the end of the day and someone will appreciate it through. Wake you heart up and burst the bubble of this materialistic world that you created around you.

Step out to help the ones in need because Remember when you called on your God for help and He answered you (Surah Al-Anfal)?

Home sick

A canvas done for my best friend as a Ramadan gift.

A canvas done for my best friend as a Ramadan gift.

This month, these ten days once again are here. I see and hear of these people going and I cannot bear. My heart longs for that place and my eyes drop those tears. Just wanting to go one time and my experience I want to share. Whoever I ask about their experience they said that journey to any other they cannot compare. Making me wanting to fly across the sea as they tell their story and I just sit there. So I just end up watching it live on my computer and in awe I stare.

I want to walk these miles and go on that journey you have been to. I want to stand in front of the Kaaba and never move my eyes away from that view. I want to witness the sunrise and sunsets and watch those beautiful hues. I want to smile at the people of that city as if each other we always knew. I am home sick for a place I have never been to.

Blessed are the ones who get the opportunity to experience such a journey that we never been to. Blessed are the ones who come back with their hearts changed and humbled and as someone total new. Blessed are the ones whose eyes witnessed those beautiful views. Blessed are the ones who are walking that journey with or without any shoes.

So here I am, my heart not wanting to smile and there is nothing I can do. Beside sit here and ask for forgiveness for all that I have done which I don’t remember and have no clue. Wishing to be there right now and walk in those shoes. Because truly my heart is homesick for a place that I have never been to.

The awkward moment.

Just another day at Downtown Toronto

Just another day at Downtown Toronto

It is one of those days when you question why me? When people pick on you for no reason, you get those weird comments and it goes on till the end of the day and you think ‘are you kidding me’? You are put into awkward situations that make you feel uneasy. And you start to get annoyed when people bump in to you for no reason when they can actually clearly see. One after the another the whole day goes by and you wish for it to end already. Then you lay in bed at night so tired and count everything that happened today thinking wow one, two, three.

Everything that happens to us is a trial either made of evil or good (Surah Al-Anbya).  Just to see how well you can handle all these situations if you could. Everything in life is here to teach us patience, as if that was easy we definitely would? It is so easy to get annoyed with everything that is happening wrong, forgetting the days everything was happening as what we wanted and life was good? By doing that I think it is the whole life purpose that we misunderstood. Because that one awkward moment or day can teach you a huge lesson that those good days never would. Life would be too boring if we never had any of these awkward moments to teach us to appreciate the good days and the value of them we finally know and understood!

Truly an awkward day I am having!

Gold in that glitter

love working with glitter; always searching for the gold.

love working with glitter; always searching for the gold.

Those lessons that you sometimes think back to. When you had a talk with someone and out of the whole thing that is the only thing towards which your attention drew. They said everything they wanted to and that one line you remembered till now that you sometimes think back to? That is the lesson you need to give value. Often times God sends you clues. They don’t fall down the sky but from different sources they come through. The reason you remember them up till now is because that is something you need to put your attention to. And work on improving yourself by putting your focus on that view.

It doesn’t matter if those people are still in your life or not. Because everyone stays in your life for a limited time if you give it a thought. Some walk away before others and to you some good lessons they taught. While others stick strong with you  till the end of time as if you have been tied in a knot. The ones that walk away sooner give you a lesson that you need to learn right now. But sometimes we put our focus on why they walked away from us, looking for answers to what and how? Rather than being thankful for the lesson we learned and how it made us wise … yes wow?

Today I reflect on how I learned. Sometimes you are taught the same lesson again and again till to it your attention you turn. Yes you get hurt sometimes but the wise ones are those who actually went through the pain to earn. Because if it wasn’t for the pain there is nothing that you will learn. Because new skin comes only after you get burned.

God does not test you beyond what you are capable of (Surah Al-Baqarah). So those lessons and  that one sentence you remember up till now take it as a gift sent from above. Today look back at what you remember and what you were taught. Through those people that are still in your life and those who decided to walk their own path. You will always remember something from the experiences you go through. Today sit back by yourself and think of each of them from a different point of view. Because in all that glitter of your life experiences those lessons are the only gold you will find hidden through.

In places no one will find

Somewhere from my trip last year.

Somewhere from my trip last year.

There are times some thoughts come to your mind. And you wonder how did I even come up with all these ideas and thoughts combined? Remembering some past that you have already left behind. Creating all these situations in your head that you cannot even define. Taking you into places that no one will find. Leaving you with shaking your head that how did I manage to think of this design. You come back to reality as if for a while thinking of all that you have been blind. Sometimes the best response to someone comes later to your mind. And you sit there wishing to go back and say it, hoping for a button that says rewind.

Your heart is a place that no one will ever find. You think you met the perfect people who understand you but you are just rating them based on a criteria in your heart that you designed. All those people that walked away with them a little piece of your heart that you left behind. All those memories you created  in places no one will find. They all come back to you again and again to remind. Some past just annoys you while other makes you smile and helps you unwind.

Sometimes you visit those places that you have been to in the past. You remember everything that happened there and reflect on what you still have and what didn’t last. It hurts your heart and you try to protect it as if its been made of glass. And you walk away from there looking on the other side so fast. As if not facing it will make you stronger and you can keep your heart all wrapped in that cast.

Then you come home confused  having all these thoughts in your mind. You can’t figure out if you are strong or weak and this feeling you cannot define. Why can’t you forget about what didn’t last? Why can’t you move on without remembering the past? And here you sit with all these thoughts as if you are being harassed.

It is okay to be weak and think of all that you left behind. It is by thinking of everything that helps your thoughts to be recombined. Strength comes from visiting those places again that no one will find. To sit there for a while and press the button of rewind. It is by remembering everything that helps you to create a better present for yourself that you can design. Because you wouldn’t be where you are today if you never went to those places no one will find.

Performance appraisal of a mother

mom watering her favourite flower basket.

My mom watering her favourite flower basket; Even flowers need water to live, An employee needs appreciation to perform better.

I have been thinking of this from the past few days. By choosing human resources as a profession I reflected on how an employee always appreciates for his work some praise.  So then I looked and reflected on how a mom spends her days. I am not talking about a mom who works outside and then comes back. I am reflecting today only on a mother who stays home and of everything she keeps track. That is her full time job did you ever see her slack? If you are working out somewhere you always want to hear good about your work. It doesn’t matter if you hold a high position of a manager or you are a clerk. When your work gets appreciated and praised it keeps you going.  It motivates you in a way that you suddenly want to achieve so much more by keep growing. One good comment about your work makes you smile all day and others see it in your face glowing.

Then there is a mom somewhere who stays at home. Always the first one to wake up, making you breakfast, getting you ready and when you were young your hair she even used to comb. Her husband leaves for work then, and her kids for school and all day she is alone. Cleaning, cooking, laundry, putting everything in place and just waiting for you to come home. You come home, you eat, you leave your stuff everywhere, not saying thank you and no appreciation shown. And still she continues to do everything for you without getting mad or demotivated… are you kidding me ? Is her heart made of stone?!!!

She deserves as much appreciation as you think you do. She cooks the food for you tell her it tastes so good as you chew. When you find everything organized and neat say thank you. Who else will she get appreciation from beside you? She knows you inside out don’t ever forget in front of her eyes you grew. She gets so worried and find all these different ways to make you feel better even if you just have flu.

Mama here is a Performance Appraisal to you. You are the best example that we learned everything through. Thank You so much for all that you do. No pay cheques, no bonuses, no benefits and you still do what you do.  Just to see us happy and satisfied, none of us are as good employees as you. All these mothers deserve the best in everything after all that we put them through.

The good in the morning, Sunshine.

Today's inspiration be my pillowcases and a beautiful morning outside.

Today’s inspiration be my pillowcases and a beautiful morning outside

I always loved my sleep and the idea of waking up late. This society want us being professional so why make all these university classes timings at night so late? Making us stay up all night and in the mornings we can’t wake. Then University ended and I started working, great! Where I have to be at work no later than eight. Sun is rising and I have to stand at the bus stop to wait. I am not complaining but at least let me eat and finish off what is on my plate. It took a while to get into that routine and I started to think straight. The beauty in the morning is so magical such a blessing let me just state.

I am in love with early mornings now that feeling so blessed. Where you see so many things happening only at that time who could have guessed. The golden morning, the birds chirping, the morning smiles from strangers, Oh I am definitely impressed! Before I was a sunset fan but now to witness the sunrises I am so obsessed!  These morning are what makes you keep going and gives you so much hope. There are there to teach you that after night the sun rises don’t let go of that rope. We all have our own problems and there are some with we can’t cope. Yet this morning comes everyday to teach us how to walk without slipping on that slope.

The sun rises and at that time the colours of this world are the most bright. If you don’t believe me go out early morning and on everything see that shining light. Everything will make you smile that comes in your sight. There is a lot more of the good in the morning sunshine. While you walk out there reflect on the One who created all this design. Who created the birds, the trees and made the beautiful sun shine. Get your thoughts together there is so much you need to achieve and your ideas you need to combine. And if someone asks you how you are feeling, give them your biggest smile, don’t just say fine! Go brighten up someone’s day with that beautiful smiles of yours that shines.

A beautiful woman inside out.


Be beautiful by being you by trying not to blend in with the picture; Picture taken at Toronto Island.

There is an inner beauty about a woman who believes in herself. Who isn’t impressed by these materialistic things on the shelf. Who is not following this ideal image but rather walking by herself. This society trying to ruin us, honestly we all need help. It is so easy to see what others are eating and wanting the same for yourself. It is like we are in a competition to prove ourselves.

Trying so hard to fit in, even if it doesn’t taste good the same food as others we want to chew. There are so many following the ideal image and those who create their own example are very few. A beautiful woman is capable of anything she puts her mind to. So why are you trying so hard to fit that image as if you have been glued. The designer watch, the same jacket as others, and those shoes. Why are you blending in with others and not trying to pull through? Are you scared of being just ‘you’? I am not saying I am perfect because there are many times I fall too.

But we need to understand there is a beauty about a woman who knows she can fall, but then picks herself and keep going on towards what she has to do. There is an inner beauty about a woman who respects herself not to show off all that skin. Who can leave others to being curious by covering herself and still hold high that chin. No matter how others treat her she continues to grin. Who takes care of herself and is not obsessed with this image created by the society of being super thin.

There is an inner beauty in the strength of a woman who follows her path. Who no matter what comes in her way, with her goal and life purpose she does not stop. Who sticks with her words and does not flop. That is a woman who always stays on the top.  You don’t need an Ideal image created by this society to teach you how to be beau (beautiful). God is beautiful so how can He create someone that is not beautiful too? We all are beautiful it takes a while to view. Because you can only be beautiful by being just you. Look within yourself, you are beautiful, you had it all along if only you knew…

These clouds an illusion.

Walk home today and I couldn't take my eyes off.

Walk home today and I couldn’t take my eyes off.

There was a time  in our lives when we wanted to jump on the clouds. You know when they turn so fluffy and get together and make a crowd. Then we would go hiking sometime and from the top of the mountain see them fly away. Whenever we finally come close to them how come they don’t stay? How come when we finally catch up with them they run away. We would come back not knowing the answers for each other and not having much to say.

Of these big fluffy clouds I have always been a fan. Who puts them together, their shapes who plans? So many questions we hold in our hands. Who sends forth the winds so they raise a cloud? God spreads it forth in the sky as He pleases (Surah Ar-Rum) and puts them into crowds.  Such a confusion sometimes even when the answer is available yet we wonder out loud. Imagine if we could touch them  if only we were allowed? That is where we get fooled by this world because with having everything in our hands we feel too proud.

This world seems to work just like that. After all these clouds are part of this world that everyday we look at. You try to get to close to the world and it will turn flat. But if you were to look from standing far away it looks beautiful to look at. That is the trick we need to understand and work at. Run after this world and there is nothing that we will gain. Stand far away the clouds will look beautiful and after that you even get to enjoy the rain. But if you keep running after the clouds they will keep running away. Causing so much confusion in your life and all that pain. When you don’t understand why it is happening, what a shame. It will keep doing it to you again and again. Until one day you decide to walk your own away and just enjoy their beauty along as in their place they remain. This world will only look beautiful when from running after it you refrain.

Only when on your own path you remain…