Let them have this world

A nice view. A good read. An inspiration to write. A long weekend; Home is where the heart is.

A nice view. A good read. An inspiration to write. A long weekend. A clean kitchen; Home is where the heart is.

Competition in worldly things diverts you (Surah At-Takathur). 

You can try competing with someone else running after this world only to find at the end that something else came along new. You can keep running after one thing only to find that one day it doesn’t have the same value. You turn towards God and this world comes chasing after you. But when you keep trying to achieve the worldly things you stomach never gets filled all the way through. We want so many things around us but we are also scared that someone will take it away from me or you. So we try to hide it, keep secrets or compete each other even though we are tired of it… isn’t that true? It is a constant chase of achieving everything that comes in our view. But that one time you let someone else have what you wanted the happiness you felt from doing that nobody else knows but you.

Let them have this world because truly it has no value.  The more you run away from this world the more it will come chasing after you. So in the end you have everything you wanted and so much more than that because that is what this world is trying to do. Forcing you to get caught up and forget about what is to come after and the broader view. It is very easy I admit to get caught up in this world and chase after these worldly things that looks beautiful to look up to. That new cellphone, that job, the car and those new shoes. It is a never ending list of all the things that I want to hold in my hands giving them so much value. And then we complain when our hearts break because the worldly thing didn’t last as long as we expected it to. We are stressed we are struggling while competing it is sad but it is true. So Let them have this world because truly it has no value. Look at the bigger picture instead of that one worldly thing just so you can see clearly you own path that you need to walk towards to.

Today go let someone else have something that you really wanted even if it is a cookie, your seat in the bus, that last slice of the pizza and let me know of the feeling that you felt of your heart feeling satisfied and smiling all the way through.  Let them have this world because clearly this competition is stressful and these worldly things are diverting you.


3 thoughts on “Let them have this world

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  2. Thank you, my sister, for stopping by my blog recently. I am blessed by that, and blessed to know that in your nook of our world you are waving the banners of Peace and Grace from your heart as I am from mine.

    Warmest regards and blessings to you…
    Charissa Grace


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