Be that friend

everyone is searching for a good friend; In a city full of people be that friend

Toronto Downtown 2am and our drive; everyone is searching for a good friend; In a city full of people be that friend

People change sometimes because of the influence other people had on them. Some turn good some turn bad God knows their heart while we know none. So you are not in touch with each other for a while. Then you see each other after years and you wonder what has happened to them  why are they acting that way what has happened to their style? Its sad we judge them in a second instead of waiting for a while. Maybe they had someone badly influencing them maybe with them they have walked few miles. Then once again you come in to their life. They see the goodness in you and try to keep their old image and act good in front of you  now that is what should make you smile.

I reflected on this today and thought it is true that a person is likely to follow the faith of his friend, so, look to whom you befriend (hadith). All the people you cross path with everyday you don’t know which of them needs a helping hand that you might need to lend. It is all a matter of how you act and how much time you spend. It is a city full of people searching for that one good friend. Who will not judge you or will want the bad for you and is not there to pretend. That one person who will advise them to do good (Surah asr) and on them they can depend. Want the same thing for other that you want for yourself (hadith) just so we can all have a good end. What is it going to take us to be that friend? Let us help each other and to that what is good to each other let us recommend.


6 thoughts on “Be that friend

      • Jazakillaahu Khayra.
        First I went to About page but then I couldn’t find the page or any info therein. Then I read few of your posts. Alhamdulillaah for that.


      • yes I still need to edit that one. I find it hard when it comes to writing about myself but very easy alhumdullilah when it comes to sharing my thoughts 🙂 but Insha’Allah will be working on that soon too. I just don’t know what to say about myself yet.


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