When your heart smiles

when your heart smiles

few days back drive with my beautiful parents along this beautiful sunset

Notice when you are grateful you seem to have more. It is when all around you ..you see opened doors. If you are grateful God certainly increases for you more (Surah Ibraheem). Being Grateful is when you are satisfied with anything that comes towards you. It is when your heart wants to smile all the way through. What annoys us most are those pictures in our head that how everything is supposed to be. And then when things don’t go the way we plan we want to run away and flee. Few days back when we were just out for a drive. I stare out the window at the beautiful sunset as time passes by.  I took a deep breathe and it felt like I have walked few miles. I look out the window and then at my parents I felt a feeling that perhaps I haven’t felt for a while. It was the feeling when my heart wanted to smile. Your heart will smile only when you are thankful and find the time to do things that make you feel alive. Life is a continuous struggle but in the end what will matter is how hard you strive. So don’t feel bad when you fail or make mistakes just continue on with your drive. Because it is the lessons you will learn from your mistakes that later on will make your heart smile.


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