One cupcake at a time

Lunch at work, run to 4 blocks away to get cupcakes for my family; a treat because it is friday.

Today’s inspiration be lunch at work, running 4 blocks away to get cupcakes for my family; a treat because it is Friday.

Today I was out for lunch not to eat but I guess you can call it a run. I went few blocks away just to put a smile on the faces of my loved ones. It is the little things you do sometimes with good intentions for Allah’s sake. That sometimes bringing benefits for you in ways you never imagined isn’t that great. She was putting my order in the box as I saw. I was telling her I want this one and this one and it left me in awe. What if our lives was the same? What if we chose ourselves what we wanted in life then would we be the ones to blame? We should be glad and thankful that One God is looking above us and already knows what is written under our name. I think if we were to pick what we wanted and we would feel continuous shame.

It is not like we don’t get what we want because whatever you ask of Him He gives it all (Surah Ibraheem). Yet we don’t give thanks and walk around full of pride and tall. Being Humble is realizing that it is not you but God who controls it all. It is having everything in your hand and still thinking of yourself small. If you love those cupcakes and keep eating different flavours but one cupcake at a time. It is like this world where there are those never ending stairs you have to climb. After you eat them all it leaves you all hungry again. You keep wanting more and more but there is nothing that you will gain. Then you gain some weight now let me ask you who is the one to blame? Just like when these worldly things break your heart isn’t that a shame.

I love cake and I admit I wanted to try all flavours of them and wanted to buy it all.  Then I realized the need over my wants and decided to get only six from the smalls. I brought it home the intention was good so on their faces I did see a smile. Because we each took one and it was one cupcake at a time.


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