Buy me the sun!

sunrise today and my walk to the bus stop

sunrise today and my walk to the bus stop

You have the money to buy it all but can you buy me the sun? You won’t get this in your hands no matter how close to it you run. Control what you spend on those enjoyments that you call fun. There are some who are working so hard just to be rich they call it a chase I guess they like to run. We need money in order to live but does that mean we need to live for the sake of money … just answer that one.

They say money changes you as soon as you get it in your hands. It is when you show to the world that finally I can buy this and that. It is when you buy all these worldly things and you carry it around just so your wallet can look big and fat. What is the purpose of that? Just tell me about the happiness you feel while you are doing that? Those people that change because of the money in the hands. I am talking about the ones that think lowly of others and think they are now something grand. The ones who are walking around with those materialistic things just wanting for someone to praise and give it a second glance.

Here is the news it is not now that they changed in to that but rather they were always the same. Just because they didn’t have money in their hands they didn’t know how to display. It is true money can either ruin you or your life it can make. There are those people too that turn more humble and soft and want to spend it all in a good cause for God’s sake.

Now Think over which one will you be if you were to find a million dollars one day by the lake? Will you be the humble or the proud one today? Control your thoughts it turn into actions just so you can realize the reality and stay awake. You will never be able to feel happiness from that worldly run. Because it is the inner satisfaction only that can buy you the sun.


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