Please move back

Sunrise and my 6:30am bus ride

Sunrise and my 6:30am bus ride

Have you ever looked at the sunrise and thought how it gives hope. You are all confused and struggling but you feel like you are holding on to a rope. What is to come is better than what has been left behind (Surah ad-duha). Yet this world still wants you to move back into your thoughts and be blind.  Right when you run after this world it will break your heart. Will make you run after it until you finally learn how to be wise and stop. It does it again and again so you can know better and act smart. You are holding on to the rope with million temptations around you. So easy to fall for them I think this we have all been through. When this world gives you the thoughts that you were better yesterday compared to today so please move back. Push that thought away because it is just an attack. Trust in God it just wants you to lack. That is why it is important to always of your intentions keep track. So you can move forward  and with your thoughts won’t have to move back.


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