In your eyes

a mini break from work and I let my thoughts wander.

a mini afternoon break at work and I let my thoughts wander.

Today as I was off to lunch, the Head of all the managers walking in front. I kept a distance by few steps. Just so they can go ahead and It won’t be awkward to walk together instead. He sees me few steps behind. Opens the door for me, smiles and lets me go out first. I am not reflecting on this because I was happy or impressed. Or that I want to praise him and make him look the best. It just makes me think of humbleness. A great man always wants to look little in others eyes. An action done with a good intention is acceptable in Allah’s eyes. The ones that hide their good deeds are the wise. The unwise are the ones who think because of these worldly things compared to others they are high. Reflect on yourself and give eachother good advise (hadith). Because we are all the same in front of that God who loves to give and is shy (hadith). Question yourself today are you humble in your own eyes? Or are you just wearing a disguise ?


4 thoughts on “In your eyes

  1. Little actions such as these always make me think of how in spite of every little wrong, there are little deeds of goodness within all of us and how such little things could make others happy for no reason.


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