Find your own way to happiness.


dundas square; break from work; and the smile it put on my face when I took it.

The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow do good anyway. Don’t hold your words back because there may be a need for you to say. Take a few minutes everyday to be thankful and pray. Because what you have in your life is not here forever to stay. The blessings you have in your life you won’t get any happiness by putting them on display. Someone is wishing to have a life like  yours that you are living today. So be thankful for what you have and towards happiness find your own way. Be grateful for what you have today rather than tomorrow when it might be too late. And that blessing goes away. But don’t you worry there will always be another to replace. Because God is the Most Merciful He will love you always. Happiness is having a connection with God so towards Him find your way. Focus on the good and you will find happiness around you always. Focus on yourself and towards happiness you will always find your own way.


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