Favourite man!!

A picture worth a thousand words; papa

 This path made of flowers leading to that man; woodbine nursery June 2014

my heart smiles at my favourite man. Who taught me how to walk by letting me hold his hand. Who worked so hard to provide us with all that he can. Got us what he didn’t get just so one day we won’t demand. Today lets all go and look at our fathers hands. You will see his struggles,  the striving and how his life he planned. Always there to hold you back when you are about to fall. Always teaching  you how to stand independent and tall. Always protecting you and towards others not letting you crawl. Always checking up on you through his phone calls. Looking at how hard he worked so you can have a good life… for that you know he deserves an applause. He is happy when you are happy and sad when you are sad. Look closely there is love even when he is mad. Blessings like him are the ones for which everyday you need to be thankful for and get glad. There are people out there who don’t have what you have. Some wish they had a dad. We will never understand how they feel until  one day we go through the same. That one day we will feel we haven’t done much for him and will be ashamed. I want to do this and that for him sometimes I sit there and plan… in the same way how he filled my life with all these flowers by giving me all that he can. Today go home smile at him and hold his hands. Take a deep breathe and just tell him that He is your favourite man.

papa ❤ !


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