Walk right through it!!


What I used to dream of became reality. What I never imagined also became reality…

Sometimes when the past is not our present and there are things or people from us that walked away. We feel like we can’t breathe but still with a smile on our faces that role of “I am strong” we play. We are broken inside, cry at night yet there is nothing that we say. The time passes by day by day. When others ask us we tell them to leave us alone and go their own way. Yet everyday on our shoulders we feel that weight.These places remind you of all that was in the past so you try to stay away.

Lets walk down that memory lane. Just so you can become strong and untangle that thoughts chain. Sometimes we question the past toomuch by asking what why and when. Always wanting to protect our hearts and wanting things to remain the same. You will only feel strong when you walk through the past. Thats when you will realize that those things and people in your life didn’t last.

What reminds you of the past go walk right by it. Those malls, parks, streets where those memories were built. Stand right there and take deep breathes bit by bit. Remember everything in the past and then how far you came and ask yourself do you really want to quit? You are still breathing without the past. So what if it didn’t last? You didn’t get slow in this race of life and without them you are still walking fast.

Be strong because sooner or later you need to face it. Make your heart understand and realize that the what has passed is not here today because it didn’t fit. And you will only understand this when you walk right through it! Crawl, struggle, walk or run … do it bit by it. Just so when one day when the past stands in front of you again in the future you can stand tall and walk right through it!

Sometimes there are things that remind you of the past again and again. You feel annoyed because you want to forget it all, run away from it and just hop on a plane. If you really do that you will lose it all wouldn’t that be a shame? It is through those reminders planned by God it is strong that you became. It is through remembering everything He is teaching you how to walk through it. Just do it bit by bit and once you are ready to confront just hold your head high and walk right through it. That will show them that how you were treated was unfit. But by that time it won’t matter to you because you finally learned how to walk right through it.


15 thoughts on “Walk right through it!!

  1. The BEST city in the world. I’d NEVER live anywhere else, seriously! Even though, I am from Scarborough but I love it! Maybe the “hood” but it’s not dangerous at all, alhumdulilah lol


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