Because you are a giver

home is where your heart wants to be; stars,moon to view and bbq to eat

this home of mine is where my heart lives

Because you are a giver… Your services to others you always want to deliver. Be generous but don’t be a spend thrift. There should be a difference between letting you get used and just giving gifts. What you give in this world will benefit you in the end. But there is also a type of giving that won’t be beneficial and be your friend. That is when you give away your good deeds. Do you realize that’s the only thing in the end you will need? That is the only time being selfish will help you succeed. We complain often times when from others we don’t get back the same thing. When we do so much for others but when it’s our turn the same services back they don’t bring.

So basically it works in a simple way. When we don’t get the same back from others there is so much that we say. First we didn’t get that worldly thing we wanted from them now  along with that to them our good deeds we gave away. They were selfish they didn’t help you out … and now you exchanged your good deeds with them isn’t that great?How foolish are we I’m sorry to say!

If you can’t say good then say nothing at all (hadith). When you sit there talking about others … it is you in the end compared to them who looks small. Keep giving not expecting more than you can. It is the righteous who fear God that want to spend (Surah Muminoon). Keep the worldly things in your hand instead of attaching your heart. Just so when you give it to others and don’t get the same back you don’t fall apart. When you start building expectations that is when you fall short.

Because you are a giver … give all from your heart that you can. But just remember to be selfish with your good deeds … take care of them and to others do not lend. Because you are a giver… others will take advantage and most times your back you will have to bend… but do it not for them but for Allah just so you can have a good end.

Lesson to me first then foremost


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