Let them have this world

A nice view. A good read. An inspiration to write. A long weekend; Home is where the heart is.

A nice view. A good read. An inspiration to write. A long weekend. A clean kitchen; Home is where the heart is.

Competition in worldly things diverts you (Surah At-Takathur). 

You can try competing with someone else running after this world only to find at the end that something else came along new. You can keep running after one thing only to find that one day it doesn’t have the same value. You turn towards God and this world comes chasing after you. But when you keep trying to achieve the worldly things you stomach never gets filled all the way through. We want so many things around us but we are also scared that someone will take it away from me or you. So we try to hide it, keep secrets or compete each other even though we are tired of it… isn’t that true? It is a constant chase of achieving everything that comes in our view. But that one time you let someone else have what you wanted the happiness you felt from doing that nobody else knows but you.

Let them have this world because truly it has no value.  The more you run away from this world the more it will come chasing after you. So in the end you have everything you wanted and so much more than that because that is what this world is trying to do. Forcing you to get caught up and forget about what is to come after and the broader view. It is very easy I admit to get caught up in this world and chase after these worldly things that looks beautiful to look up to. That new cellphone, that job, the car and those new shoes. It is a never ending list of all the things that I want to hold in my hands giving them so much value. And then we complain when our hearts break because the worldly thing didn’t last as long as we expected it to. We are stressed we are struggling while competing it is sad but it is true. So Let them have this world because truly it has no value. Look at the bigger picture instead of that one worldly thing just so you can see clearly you own path that you need to walk towards to.

Today go let someone else have something that you really wanted even if it is a cookie, your seat in the bus, that last slice of the pizza and let me know of the feeling that you felt of your heart feeling satisfied and smiling all the way through.  Let them have this world because clearly this competition is stressful and these worldly things are diverting you.


Art of happiness

This flower fell off. I think it deserves as much attention for its beauty as the other flowers that are still attached to their stems.

This flower fell off. I think it deserves as much attention for its beauty as the other flowers that are still in their place

There are time when we have expectations and others disappoint. We complain but its true that I am not here to live up to your expectation and you are not here to live up to mine. Yesterday I was out to give water to my plants and flowers. After I was done I noticed this one flower that fell off I think because the pressure was too much from their “shower”.  I was taking pictures of those flowers you see in the background. That is when I noticed this flower and on the ground it was found. Now I thought of this flower as a person or lets just say me. I still thought it was beautiful so what if it fell off not like it lost its beauty. I still thought it deserves a picture just like those any other flowers, plant or tree. This is exactly what happens when you don’t expect anything from this world and are free.

When you start expecting and wanting things the way you imagine them to be. You end up with disappointments and any other blessings you don’t count and see. Be like this flower independent and free. Not wanting someone to come take its picture or pay attention or give it a second glance and see. Only then you will get much more that you expected it to be. That is because you focus on today and not tomorrow or even the past and what it could have been. Only then you will reflect on everything separately and appreciate its beauty. Only then you will be expectation free. Only then you will be happy.

Be that friend

everyone is searching for a good friend; In a city full of people be that friend

Toronto Downtown 2am and our drive; everyone is searching for a good friend; In a city full of people be that friend

People change sometimes because of the influence other people had on them. Some turn good some turn bad God knows their heart while we know none. So you are not in touch with each other for a while. Then you see each other after years and you wonder what has happened to them  why are they acting that way what has happened to their style? Its sad we judge them in a second instead of waiting for a while. Maybe they had someone badly influencing them maybe with them they have walked few miles. Then once again you come in to their life. They see the goodness in you and try to keep their old image and act good in front of you  now that is what should make you smile.

I reflected on this today and thought it is true that a person is likely to follow the faith of his friend, so, look to whom you befriend (hadith). All the people you cross path with everyday you don’t know which of them needs a helping hand that you might need to lend. It is all a matter of how you act and how much time you spend. It is a city full of people searching for that one good friend. Who will not judge you or will want the bad for you and is not there to pretend. That one person who will advise them to do good (Surah asr) and on them they can depend. Want the same thing for other that you want for yourself (hadith) just so we can all have a good end. What is it going to take us to be that friend? Let us help each other and to that what is good to each other let us recommend.

Grateful yet still Ungrateful

Grapewine in my backyard; Can't wait to taste these and give them out as Sadaqa;

Grape wine in my backyard; if God wills can’t wait to taste these and give them out as Sadaqa;

Grateful yet still ungrateful I stand. Not able to count all the blessings and the way my life He planned. Sometimes  I sit there and into space I stare. I have thanked Him I think and have finished my prayer. Yet still not able to count all the blessings that I never asked for but they are there. There is sun and the moon, the sweet scented plants (Surah Ar-Rahman). You are breathing, you are healthy look at those fingers of your hands. Whatever you ask of Him much more than that He grants. It is such a blessing to acknowledge the blessings in your life, shed two tears or sit for a while and cry. Because really which of His favours in your life will you deny (Surah Ar-Rahman).

I am thankful for the times I am reminded so I sit there and count. What have I asked for and what I never asked for there is no fixed amount. The blessing itself is when you acknowledge the hidden blessing you never looked at before. You sit there in awe and feel like you are a small rock compared to the huge sea shore. I am thankful for everything He has given me but there is so much more. That I never realized or looked at and sometimes ignore. Grateful yet still ungrateful today we stand. Because truly He has given us much more than we can actually hold in our hands.

Buy me the sun!

sunrise today and my walk to the bus stop

sunrise today and my walk to the bus stop

You have the money to buy it all but can you buy me the sun? You won’t get this in your hands no matter how close to it you run. Control what you spend on those enjoyments that you call fun. There are some who are working so hard just to be rich they call it a chase I guess they like to run. We need money in order to live but does that mean we need to live for the sake of money … just answer that one.

They say money changes you as soon as you get it in your hands. It is when you show to the world that finally I can buy this and that. It is when you buy all these worldly things and you carry it around just so your wallet can look big and fat. What is the purpose of that? Just tell me about the happiness you feel while you are doing that? Those people that change because of the money in the hands. I am talking about the ones that think lowly of others and think they are now something grand. The ones who are walking around with those materialistic things just wanting for someone to praise and give it a second glance.

Here is the news it is not now that they changed in to that but rather they were always the same. Just because they didn’t have money in their hands they didn’t know how to display. It is true money can either ruin you or your life it can make. There are those people too that turn more humble and soft and want to spend it all in a good cause for God’s sake.

Now Think over which one will you be if you were to find a million dollars one day by the lake? Will you be the humble or the proud one today? Control your thoughts it turn into actions just so you can realize the reality and stay awake. You will never be able to feel happiness from that worldly run. Because it is the inner satisfaction only that can buy you the sun.

One cupcake at a time

Lunch at work, run to 4 blocks away to get cupcakes for my family; a treat because it is friday.

Today’s inspiration be lunch at work, running 4 blocks away to get cupcakes for my family; a treat because it is Friday.

Today I was out for lunch not to eat but I guess you can call it a run. I went few blocks away just to put a smile on the faces of my loved ones. It is the little things you do sometimes with good intentions for Allah’s sake. That sometimes bringing benefits for you in ways you never imagined isn’t that great. She was putting my order in the box as I saw. I was telling her I want this one and this one and it left me in awe. What if our lives was the same? What if we chose ourselves what we wanted in life then would we be the ones to blame? We should be glad and thankful that One God is looking above us and already knows what is written under our name. I think if we were to pick what we wanted and we would feel continuous shame.

It is not like we don’t get what we want because whatever you ask of Him He gives it all (Surah Ibraheem). Yet we don’t give thanks and walk around full of pride and tall. Being Humble is realizing that it is not you but God who controls it all. It is having everything in your hand and still thinking of yourself small. If you love those cupcakes and keep eating different flavours but one cupcake at a time. It is like this world where there are those never ending stairs you have to climb. After you eat them all it leaves you all hungry again. You keep wanting more and more but there is nothing that you will gain. Then you gain some weight now let me ask you who is the one to blame? Just like when these worldly things break your heart isn’t that a shame.

I love cake and I admit I wanted to try all flavours of them and wanted to buy it all.  Then I realized the need over my wants and decided to get only six from the smalls. I brought it home the intention was good so on their faces I did see a smile. Because we each took one and it was one cupcake at a time.

When your heart smiles

when your heart smiles

few days back drive with my beautiful parents along this beautiful sunset

Notice when you are grateful you seem to have more. It is when all around you ..you see opened doors. If you are grateful God certainly increases for you more (Surah Ibraheem). Being Grateful is when you are satisfied with anything that comes towards you. It is when your heart wants to smile all the way through. What annoys us most are those pictures in our head that how everything is supposed to be. And then when things don’t go the way we plan we want to run away and flee. Few days back when we were just out for a drive. I stare out the window at the beautiful sunset as time passes by.  I took a deep breathe and it felt like I have walked few miles. I look out the window and then at my parents I felt a feeling that perhaps I haven’t felt for a while. It was the feeling when my heart wanted to smile. Your heart will smile only when you are thankful and find the time to do things that make you feel alive. Life is a continuous struggle but in the end what will matter is how hard you strive. So don’t feel bad when you fail or make mistakes just continue on with your drive. Because it is the lessons you will learn from your mistakes that later on will make your heart smile.

Please move back

Sunrise and my 6:30am bus ride

Sunrise and my 6:30am bus ride

Have you ever looked at the sunrise and thought how it gives hope. You are all confused and struggling but you feel like you are holding on to a rope. What is to come is better than what has been left behind (Surah ad-duha). Yet this world still wants you to move back into your thoughts and be blind.  Right when you run after this world it will break your heart. Will make you run after it until you finally learn how to be wise and stop. It does it again and again so you can know better and act smart. You are holding on to the rope with million temptations around you. So easy to fall for them I think this we have all been through. When this world gives you the thoughts that you were better yesterday compared to today so please move back. Push that thought away because it is just an attack. Trust in God it just wants you to lack. That is why it is important to always of your intentions keep track. So you can move forward  and with your thoughts won’t have to move back.

In your eyes

a mini break from work and I let my thoughts wander.

a mini afternoon break at work and I let my thoughts wander.

Today as I was off to lunch, the Head of all the managers walking in front. I kept a distance by few steps. Just so they can go ahead and It won’t be awkward to walk together instead. He sees me few steps behind. Opens the door for me, smiles and lets me go out first. I am not reflecting on this because I was happy or impressed. Or that I want to praise him and make him look the best. It just makes me think of humbleness. A great man always wants to look little in others eyes. An action done with a good intention is acceptable in Allah’s eyes. The ones that hide their good deeds are the wise. The unwise are the ones who think because of these worldly things compared to others they are high. Reflect on yourself and give eachother good advise (hadith). Because we are all the same in front of that God who loves to give and is shy (hadith). Question yourself today are you humble in your own eyes? Or are you just wearing a disguise ?

Your visit to that favourite place.

When you build four walls for yourself; make sure there is a window to look out; today's inspiration be my window and beautiful flowers I planted.

When you build four walls for yourself; make sure there is a window to look out; today’s inspiration be my window and beautiful flowers I planted.

I have been wanting to write about this since few months back. The thought stayed in my head so today I want you to pack your bags. To that country you always wanted to go to we are going to fly away. For few days, a month or two we will stay. you are excited and you really can’t wait. It’s the day of our flight  now we are stuck in traffic and with our flight there is a delay. You are stressed, to get there you don’t know how to find another way. Finally you are on the plane and you are looking forward to your stay. The plane is landing now, you can’t control your excitement and can’t wait. Here is the surprise now you landed in some other country that you never wanted to go to…  what just happened? you can’t think straight. Now you complain here and there and not much can be done. why would this happen to you just when you wanted to enjoy life and have fun? I heard this story in one of my course lecture in university few months back. Right the next morning of the night when I felt all confused and of my life I didn’t know how to keep track. I stared with my eyes wide open and felt like by the presenters of the story I was being attacked. That it didn’t turn out to be how I planned something now take that!!

So I stared with wide eyes and started to think. let me relate it all for that lets go back to the country I left you in. Are you mad? Are you depressed? How you been? Now if you sit there to complain the whole time you will find nothing within. I ask you to walk down the street with me you agree… so we begin. We walk for a while and you see the beauty around you and now you are starting to grin. Hey it’s not so bad after a while you are starting to think. You are starting to get used to it and you are having a good stay. Now look at it as that our lives work in a similar way!!

You plan and plan for something to happen just the right way. The time finally comes and your whole life changed. Nothing of what you planned happened  and you feel betrayed. You are angry you are mad for a while you complain and then you don’t know what to say. If you keep complaining about where you always wanted to go. You won’t get to enjoy where you are right now though. Where you are is where you were always meant to be someday you will know. When all the puzzles in your life will fit and a full picture it will complete and show. When you build four walls around you make sure there is always a window.  So you can look out of that room and to the outside world you can say hello.

The pain you feel from not getting what you wanted to happen someday it will outgrow. It will take a month or two or even years give it time it will be slow. There will be times where you will have no strength to face this world and you will feel low. There will be times you will be lost in your thoughts trying to figure out where you went wrong though. There will also be times you will be annoyed and you will ignore all the other blessings on you that has been bestowed. But it’s okay let it all out so you can let it go. Because to see the beauty of your current place the past thoughts and plans you need to get rid of and throw. Now you like your current place but sometimes you think of that country you always wanted to go. Those thoughts come back to you not to annoy but to make you realize and show. That you can also be happy in a place that you never wanted to go. Always remember He knows what you do not know (Surah al-baqarah). And some day to you He will reveal and show.

I hope you enjoy your visit in that place you never wanted to go.