You changed colours?

chocolate doze at work

chocolate doze at work today; M&Ms inspiration

there are some who would think you are odd. just when you start taking steps closer to God. they would point out all your mistakes and faults…. just so they can exaggerate their stories broad. from you they would step back… because all of a sudden you are “boring” and their attention you don’t attract… those are the people from your life that you need to subtract! no matter how close you have been it has all been a act. A man follows the religion of his friend (hadith). So right when you feel like with some people you don’t blend… it is time to walk your own way rather than pretend. Because if you do that it will all just come to a bitter end. Those people start finding the answers to why all of a sudden change. Even if they know its the guidance from Allah… they would still make some stories and see you as strange. take the bad company out and with good company exchange. Take those people out of your life they are not worth your time. Somewhere deep down its stressing you and thats not worth a dime. You need to walk on your own and have your own stairs in life to climb. Because if not they would put you down in front of others again and again. make up stories just so you can give up and become the same. Walking on the right path is not easy and there are many more hardships you will face. You chose that path so don’t give up because you must win this race. Just because you are different now that doesn’t mean your colour changed. You are not here to please them so if they act different it is not you that are to be blamed. quality friends over quantity is something you should look for. Because those are the true ones that won’t judge you by what colours  you wore. Because you need to realize that its not about who has the highest friends score. It is about who will stick with you in times no matter what even if they don’t get any means from you anymore.


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