Find happiness within.


little treat after lunch at work; with a cherry on top

Often at times we look for happiness in things, people and something else. As if it is sold in stores and we can buy it off shelf. Look at your heart what do you find within yourself? Are we satisfied with what we have or are we chasing the happiness off shelves. Inner happiness is something that is worth achieving. once you have that the world around you doesn’t seem as deceiving . It is being satisfied with what you have. And not being depressed over what in your life you could have add. You prefer the worldly life while the hereafter is better and more enduring (Surah Al-Al’a). It is not the songs of this world but rather Quran that is more curing. Inner happiness is something that we all search for within our self being. Once you have that let me know if the worldly things are worth seeing. It is when you try not to be someone else but rather are happy in your own skin. It is when you are truly satisfied and thankful for what and how you are compared to what you been. It is when you are constantly striving and moving… to become better and working your way towards improving. Because what brings you happiness within thats what you need to keep choosing.


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