Those twenty nine days

painted some canvases for my friends as ramadan gifts;

painted some canvases to give as Ramadan gifts;

The twenty nine days of Ramadan are gone. Does it feel like your faith has been reborn? What are you taking from these days to act on? it all passed so quickly I feel ashamed. I feel like I didn’t do much and only I can be blamed. I got busy here and there and didn’t really get a break. There were things I should’ve done but ended up making the same mistakes.  But here I am reminding myself that Allah loves those who turn to Him again and again. He is the Most Merciful I say this as outside it rains. who knows if me and you will get to see Ramadan again? so take what came to you and give thanks. Perhaps just because of that He will raise you in ranks. The best loved deeds to Allah are those that you continue to do ( hadith ). so what if they are little acts…who are you comparing it to? It doesn’t matter if others don’t see you doing it as long as He knew. Always recheck your intentions to make sure they are true.  May Allah accept it from me and you.


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