That one prayer


Sunrise Gujrat Pakistan May 2013

Sunrise  Pak May 2013

[Remember] when you seeked help of your Lord and He answered you (Surah Anfal).

That one time you looked around and didn’t know who to turn to.  that thing you wanted only He knew. when everyone walked away and only He was true. that moment is the one you need to be thankful to. you ask Him for the same thing again and again. you cry to Him at night when He is the only One listening. He shows you He is the Giver when He answers your call. Gives you everything no matter how small. All those times when you were desperate please recall. when He answered your dua and showed you that He is Above All. I asked for something this Ramadan. for it I had the right intention. in all my duas I made mention. This is something that I really wanted and got taken away from me. It was given to someone I know by Him just to test me and see. How I will react and if patient I will be. Thanks to Him I was patient and after a while He brought it back to me. He brought that and something along with it much better that I couldn’t see. We all need to learn that whatever happens is His decree. sooner or later He will make you see. He loves you so much that He always wants the best for you that there ever could be. Just so when you finally meet Him you are ready. So pour out your desires in front of Him that is all. He is Only One that answers your call. He is closer to you than your jugular vein (surah qaf). He is the Only One you know that stays with you without a mean… run towards Him that is Unseen. Because when you are making that dua with you and Him there is nothing in between.


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