But they talk…


this fish of mine I miss

I was just having a conversation with someone I know. They keep talking and telling me how the story goes. if they were rumours, stories or the truth God knows. Judging others because of what they chose. I stayed quiet most of the time because there is no point arguing with a fool. who is trying to put religion down just because they want to fit and look cool. What to expect in this world nobody bothers teaching us that in school. after the conversation ended I thought of probably how I am judged. I know people judging you shouldn’t matter just because… but it is always good to reflect on yourself take a minute to pause. Because how one person will act creates a image for the whole group. so much responsiblity on your shoulder it goes round and round in a loop. If one person chooses to cover up people talk… why did she do that whats the reason and you know they ask. Then if someone does the total opposite and does something wrong exposes themselves … what is going on their life people still talk. It is a never ending story I guess its sad to say. sometimes makes you want to hide or run away. there are people among us who like to expose what they do. show off to the world that look we are cool.Speaking good or remaining silent (Hadith Sahih Bukhari) is something we should all look into.

we all slip and fall but what matters is how once again we stand tall. being interested in other people’s lives and what happend 5 years ago… why do you care please explain it to me once and for all? These are the times where I wish to get away. Thank God for not making me of those that are led astray (Surah Fatiha). I admit that in this world it is very easy to get lost… and by other people back and forth get tossed. Why do we judge so easily before even knowing what going on at all? Why do we worry so much over how others think by saying “but they talk”? If someone is trying to change for the better why do we discourage them by assuming what happend this and that. If someone does something wrong why based on that one thing we know we call them a brat? Maybe they are closer to God then you ever been. Maybe they have changed because they saw something you never seen. no matter how close we are to eachother we don’t know how it is like to walk in their shoes. and we still go on everyday practicing verbal abuse… why are we judging eachother because of what we choose?

Those are the times I wish to put this world around me on a block… the clock keeps ticking and they still talk. it has become a habit sadly to stalk… because they want to have something so they can talk. but don’t you worry if they talk. no matter what you do they still talk.

and they still talk but they still talk…


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