Just let it go…


a flower takes its time to bloom… if only you would reflect; picture taken July 2014

Now lets talk about letting it go if it comes back its yours if it doesn’t keep praising God while He opens the next doors. God keeps giving us more and more and here we are stuck on that one thing leaving the rest .. turning our eyes to ignore. Let me be straight up and tell you one thing… that thing you are stuck on won’t come back until you learn how to let it go and walk past it in a blink.

your heart hurts and you want to know what happens next. Even a flower takes its time to bloom … if only you would reflect. Mankind is hasty (surah al-Isra) and our hearts we always want to protect. Allah punishing the ones that have hurt us .. is that really what we expect? I won’t act perfect because I was once the same…but now I look back and look at how I thought.. yes what a shame. It took me time I won’t say it happened right away. To make me realize and understand Allah’s way.

Today I can only talk about this because I learned. He gave me wisdom and let my focus be returned. What goes around comes around that I can surely say. The feeling will be the same but perhaps it won’t happen in the same way. What others have done to you they will one day feel the same pain. Maybe not today not tomorrow in few years or in the next round. Don’t ever forget Allah is the Most Just… today just note that down.

Allah is the All Forgiving…  but your Lord never forgets (Surah Maryam). There is a lesson in that lets look at that next. He heals your heart in such a way… you are broken but somehow you feel stronger every time you pray? Today look back at what they have done. How you were broken down with no strength. He guided you towards Him and you felt that you are only away by an arm’s length. Then at times you were annoyed and you couldn’t let go… until just recently you heard how it all comes back to you though…

It will only come back to you when you let it go… it is when you walk away and have no care for it to show… you only wait on something because of how attached you are. Did you forget the sky doesn’t have only one star? Allah takes away things from us because we belong to Him alone. when we start putting our attention on other things He brings our focus back towards His Throne. He is bringing us back towards Him but Glory be to Him we still moan? because the worldly attachment breaks we feel like we don’t fit…. the world seems strange and we feel unknown.

today I say please let it all go. Let Him reveal the events of your life and show. What happens next is not your headache you know? I promise you one day He will bring it all back but only once you grow. leave the past its for Allah don’t be stuck on it as if its gold and it will glow. It will come back to those that have hurt you but don’t wait on it rather put your focus on yourself and grow. One day He will bring it back to you to show… that the worldly thing had no value that you once cared for long time ago…

When that day comes let me know…

until then try your best to let it go…




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