You changed colours?

chocolate doze at work

chocolate doze at work today; M&Ms inspiration

there are some who would think you are odd. just when you start taking steps closer to God. they would point out all your mistakes and faults…. just so they can exaggerate their stories broad. from you they would step back… because all of a sudden you are “boring” and their attention you don’t attract… those are the people from your life that you need to subtract! no matter how close you have been it has all been a act. A man follows the religion of his friend (hadith). So right when you feel like with some people you don’t blend… it is time to walk your own way rather than pretend. Because if you do that it will all just come to a bitter end. Those people start finding the answers to why all of a sudden change. Even if they know its the guidance from Allah… they would still make some stories and see you as strange. take the bad company out and with good company exchange. Take those people out of your life they are not worth your time. Somewhere deep down its stressing you and thats not worth a dime. You need to walk on your own and have your own stairs in life to climb. Because if not they would put you down in front of others again and again. make up stories just so you can give up and become the same. Walking on the right path is not easy and there are many more hardships you will face. You chose that path so don’t give up because you must win this race. Just because you are different now that doesn’t mean your colour changed. You are not here to please them so if they act different it is not you that are to be blamed. quality friends over quantity is something you should look for. Because those are the true ones that won’t judge you by what colours  you wore. Because you need to realize that its not about who has the highest friends score. It is about who will stick with you in times no matter what even if they don’t get any means from you anymore.


Find happiness within.


little treat after lunch at work; with a cherry on top

Often at times we look for happiness in things, people and something else. As if it is sold in stores and we can buy it off shelf. Look at your heart what do you find within yourself? Are we satisfied with what we have or are we chasing the happiness off shelves. Inner happiness is something that is worth achieving. once you have that the world around you doesn’t seem as deceiving . It is being satisfied with what you have. And not being depressed over what in your life you could have add. You prefer the worldly life while the hereafter is better and more enduring (Surah Al-Al’a). It is not the songs of this world but rather Quran that is more curing. Inner happiness is something that we all search for within our self being. Once you have that let me know if the worldly things are worth seeing. It is when you try not to be someone else but rather are happy in your own skin. It is when you are truly satisfied and thankful for what and how you are compared to what you been. It is when you are constantly striving and moving… to become better and working your way towards improving. Because what brings you happiness within thats what you need to keep choosing.

Sweet tooth


Taqabbal Allahu Minna Wa Minkum

Taqabbal Allahu Minna Wa Minkum

It is a work day for me. But I brought along some festivities. Hope your eid is going well and you are enjoying all those treats. May Allah accept it from you and me.

That one prayer


Sunrise Gujrat Pakistan May 2013

Sunrise  Pak May 2013

[Remember] when you seeked help of your Lord and He answered you (Surah Anfal).

That one time you looked around and didn’t know who to turn to.  that thing you wanted only He knew. when everyone walked away and only He was true. that moment is the one you need to be thankful to. you ask Him for the same thing again and again. you cry to Him at night when He is the only One listening. He shows you He is the Giver when He answers your call. Gives you everything no matter how small. All those times when you were desperate please recall. when He answered your dua and showed you that He is Above All. I asked for something this Ramadan. for it I had the right intention. in all my duas I made mention. This is something that I really wanted and got taken away from me. It was given to someone I know by Him just to test me and see. How I will react and if patient I will be. Thanks to Him I was patient and after a while He brought it back to me. He brought that and something along with it much better that I couldn’t see. We all need to learn that whatever happens is His decree. sooner or later He will make you see. He loves you so much that He always wants the best for you that there ever could be. Just so when you finally meet Him you are ready. So pour out your desires in front of Him that is all. He is Only One that answers your call. He is closer to you than your jugular vein (surah qaf). He is the Only One you know that stays with you without a mean… run towards Him that is Unseen. Because when you are making that dua with you and Him there is nothing in between.

Those twenty nine days

painted some canvases for my friends as ramadan gifts;

painted some canvases to give as Ramadan gifts;

The twenty nine days of Ramadan are gone. Does it feel like your faith has been reborn? What are you taking from these days to act on? it all passed so quickly I feel ashamed. I feel like I didn’t do much and only I can be blamed. I got busy here and there and didn’t really get a break. There were things I should’ve done but ended up making the same mistakes.  But here I am reminding myself that Allah loves those who turn to Him again and again. He is the Most Merciful I say this as outside it rains. who knows if me and you will get to see Ramadan again? so take what came to you and give thanks. Perhaps just because of that He will raise you in ranks. The best loved deeds to Allah are those that you continue to do ( hadith ). so what if they are little acts…who are you comparing it to? It doesn’t matter if others don’t see you doing it as long as He knew. Always recheck your intentions to make sure they are true.  May Allah accept it from me and you.


Sometimes my words end up becoming the reality…

I keep it silent

Oshawa 2011

you were born alone and you will die alone. so somewhere along that life line teach yourself how to live alone. because the people you depend on today what if tomorrow they are gone. and it may become hard to even manage your own. give yourself a little time alone because its’ better today rather than tomorrow when its’ all shown and they all become unknown.

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But they talk…


this fish of mine I miss

I was just having a conversation with someone I know. They keep talking and telling me how the story goes. if they were rumours, stories or the truth God knows. Judging others because of what they chose. I stayed quiet most of the time because there is no point arguing with a fool. who is trying to put religion down just because they want to fit and look cool. What to expect in this world nobody bothers teaching us that in school. after the conversation ended I thought of probably how I am judged. I know people judging you shouldn’t matter just because… but it is always good to reflect on yourself take a minute to pause. Because how one person will act creates a image for the whole group. so much responsiblity on your shoulder it goes round and round in a loop. If one person chooses to cover up people talk… why did she do that whats the reason and you know they ask. Then if someone does the total opposite and does something wrong exposes themselves … what is going on their life people still talk. It is a never ending story I guess its sad to say. sometimes makes you want to hide or run away. there are people among us who like to expose what they do. show off to the world that look we are cool.Speaking good or remaining silent (Hadith Sahih Bukhari) is something we should all look into.

we all slip and fall but what matters is how once again we stand tall. being interested in other people’s lives and what happend 5 years ago… why do you care please explain it to me once and for all? These are the times where I wish to get away. Thank God for not making me of those that are led astray (Surah Fatiha). I admit that in this world it is very easy to get lost… and by other people back and forth get tossed. Why do we judge so easily before even knowing what going on at all? Why do we worry so much over how others think by saying “but they talk”? If someone is trying to change for the better why do we discourage them by assuming what happend this and that. If someone does something wrong why based on that one thing we know we call them a brat? Maybe they are closer to God then you ever been. Maybe they have changed because they saw something you never seen. no matter how close we are to eachother we don’t know how it is like to walk in their shoes. and we still go on everyday practicing verbal abuse… why are we judging eachother because of what we choose?

Those are the times I wish to put this world around me on a block… the clock keeps ticking and they still talk. it has become a habit sadly to stalk… because they want to have something so they can talk. but don’t you worry if they talk. no matter what you do they still talk.

and they still talk but they still talk…

Story of a life;

I keep it silent

ever had one of those moments to analyze your past
what you have given and what you got?
i know its being a little selfish,
but there has to be a time where you thought of it all
what you gave others and what you got was so small?
you feel like you get nothing but its just not you to ask
wish you could know those people already
so you won’t have to wait for them to take off their mask
you keep giving and giving more then you can
not once remembering where it all began
its like theres a hole in the bottom of that bag
you keep filling it up not realizing you wont be gettin any back
we’re not only talking about some material thing
its all the care you gave and what about that loving…
others tell you that what you do is wrong

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Surrounded by ease


These beautiful lillies in my front lawn; July 2014

I am sitting in my office and reflecting on how I am surrounded by ease. I have the freedom to do as I please. Then my thoughts drift and I think of the muslims that are right now on their knees. Asking Allah to protect them and bring them relief. Because I have to get back to work I’ll be quick and brief. Recently I started getting different forward messages on my phone saying pray for Palestine please. There were few saying that with Palestine Allah is angry so please recite this and that and they will have ease. Glory be to Him you do not know what He knows let me just give a reminder frankly…

A rose is surrounded by thorns just as Palestine is facing unease. It is you that should be worried because you are surrounded by way too much ease. what is happening to them you clearly see. Then why are you not thankful every second and still do as you please? be humble, realize, reflect and please show some humility.

Just remember Jannah doesn’t come cheap. It is surrounded by hardships and difficulty while Hellfire is surrounded by desires and ease. We all are being tested just reflect on that please. Don’t assume by yourself that with you Allah is happy thats why you have the ease. And just because they are going through hardships Allah is angry… Perhaps it is you that is being tested so take a minute to reflect on your deeds.

take the good that comes to you and be grateful for it please. While you do that remember the ones suffering and Ask Allah to make it easy for them and bring them victory and relief. I’ll end with a ayah that always brings my focus back and hits me hard.

Or do you think that you will enter Paradise while such [trial] has not yet come to you as came to those who passed on before you? They were touched by poverty and hardship and were shaken until [even their] messenger and those who believed with him said,”When is the help of Allah ?” Unquestionably, the help of Allah is near(Surah Al-Baqarah).

He knows what you do not know and He is the All Seer. So please don’t go assuming who He is happy and angry with because what you can’t even imagine or see is not hidden from Him and He sees it all clear.


have humility and be humble for His sake. because He is the Only One that Gives and Takes;



Humility is rare because to have it you have to want nothing, yet when you have it you get everything. When there is selflessness in every action, there is the ability to express the best that is within. Such a person is able to be himself, yet discovers something new and becomes better and better each day. Nothing is done just to attain something, but it becomes a natural expression. Then there is a beautiful result too.

May our LEADERS and Us be blessed with sincere humility. Aameen.

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