Another chapter closed.

convocation 2014 - yorku

convocation 2014 – yorku


Recently another chapter in my life closed. But did it really close? maybe not who knows. four years of struggles flew by. It felt like a long time but maybe it was really just a blink of an eye. My lord increase me in knowledge (surah taha) I don’t know what lies ahead. This life, trees, water, and this earth you have spread. I am weak and if I knew of the upcoming tests in life maybe I would have definitely fled.  But where will I go and flee to who? When I know that one day no matter what we all come back to you. If you ask me if I am scared then yes I am. Its shocking where life takes you and when this life will bring for you an exam.

It is all an exam and its a matter of who passes and fail. Gives me shivers when I think of it and that on the last day there will be no bail. What we do now is where one day we will stand. Maybe some of us have already know where we want to go while others ignored and left that unplanned. On that day there will be none of us to demand. The ones that left it unplanned… will wish they have listened to their One and Only God’s command. So did this chapter in my life really close? Maybe not and it will go on for the rest of my life I suppose… I guess I am exhausted from the past events that took place. or maybe I am getting tired of this all around me race. Race to win this world with so many things around us that we can chase. The degree, job, money, this and that please stop and give me some breathing space.

This worldly life diverts you until you visit the graveyards (surah takathur). Thats when reality hits and you see where are the ones that have passed. I am weak I admit, I sin and sometimes I get off guard. But as long as on the day I meet my end I have a good identity card. So I guess this chapter hasn’t really closed. Perhaps I have a long way to go. or maybe I will meet my end today or tomorrow who knows.

The struggle continues I suppose?


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