All around me



For the past month I watched my surroundings closely. Saw the flowers blooming and the how the leaves took their time coming out slowly. Planted flowers all around and some seeds. Then saw my front and backyard filling up with weeds. While doing all of that for the past month the only thought it brought to my mind was reflect on my deeds. When we moved in this house we were so excited about half of our backyard being a swimming pool. Now when we lifted the cover of the pool, one night it rained and I reflected that it is rather scary instead of being cool.

Let me relate it all so it makes sense. The craze of gardening got to me. Although I was getting allergies I was doing it all at my own expense. I would dig up the ground for the plants. Just by digging a little came out worms and ants. Then at night it rained and I couldn’t sleep. I looked out the window in the dark and stared at how the pool was so deep. Then I remembered papa telling me how it was about 5 to 6 feet. Isn’t that how deep our graves will be? I came back to bed getting the shivers and trying hard to sleep. But all I thought about was how it all related and the sign it was giving me.

Just by digging once came out the worms. Imagine what will be 6 feet under the ground. An eye opener was that indeed. I just imagined myself 6 feet under the ground. And here those tiny little worms were giving me the creep. And I forgot the reality that after I die what will be waiting for me? 6 feet deep yes 6 feet deep. Now let’s talk about the beauty surrounding me. What I talked about just now is also a beauty because it made me realize where I am going and what my future one day will be that everyone is guaranteed (death).

A few days later the flowers bloomed. Glory be to the One that filled the flowers up with perfume. I stared at the flowers around me and realized our personalities are the same. There are certain people around us who are beautiful from the outside but not from their heart. Take them as those that look like flowers from the outside but when you dig under the ground worms come out. But then there are also those people who are beautiful from inside out. Those are flowers from the outside and when you dig up the ground under them the soil even smells good no doubt. Now the question is how do we pick out the ones that are beautiful from inside and out? Sigh that if I knew I would definitely write about.

But advice to myself and you. Be that beautiful flower inside and out that is full of perfume. Leave your fragrance everywhere you go. Doesn’t matter how other treat you and what they decide to show. Just keep walking on your road and watch yourself glow.


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