Those two

those two and me.

those two and me.

There are certain people in your life that leave prints on your heart. Most important are the ones who you first see when your life starts. Their love is unconditional they always hold your hand. Although it might take you some time in your life to understand. When we were little we want to grow up. While we grow old they also grow old. We get so busy with our lives and don’t realize that they are the real “gold”. They work so hard to get us everything we want.  Always wanting the best for us but never to demand.

They are old now and it hurts my heart. I stare at the wrinkles on their faces and hands. But in front of me with the same smile on their faces they stand. There are some times in your life that makes your realize. What they mean to you and what they have sacrificed. One of those times is when they leave you for a while. You hear their voice calling you in your dreams you miss their smile. Then once they come back you go back to the same. Taking it all for granted back to this world’s game.

I remember when my dad held my hand in the dark. The time I was lazy and my mom used to finish my homework. What about the time when with my dad I went for long walks. Remembering everything you know with them happened your best talks. Since I was the only daughter my dad always took the time to play with me those games I drew on the side walk with chalk.

Both of them always happy in your success. Seeing that you made them happy with something … that feeling so blessed. One of those times when I realized was when I had to choose. The hardest decisions are those in whichever way you go you lose. I used to think of it as that but that wasn’t even the case. I took a stand for where I came from and won because I finally realized that my parents were my base. I finally realized that after God my parents were the most important. I was asked to leave them and go for love. I asked myself would that really make the One happy who is above.

Let’s leave the past and talk about today. It’s been few hours only that my dad flew away. He’s gone for 3 weeks and I really can’t wait. I miss him already it feels like something is missing… that feeling I hate. But these days are here to make me realize. That nothing in this world is going to last forever and all these attachments are one day going to break.  It is to teach me what my dad means to me and to appreciate. They love you million times much more than you love them if only you knew.

But the truth is that my heart smiles the most when I look at my parents together and my heart says “those two”.


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