taken in my backyard April 2014.

taken in my backyard April 2014.


I haven’t wrote in a while. While reading a book tonight it made me realize. The chapter was called smile and reflect. I must admit I did exactly what it said. Let’s look back on these past few months of your life. What has happened? What passed by? A few months ago my life seemed dark I had no one to go to I think I was searching for a star. Few years ago I named this star. It came by my window every night even though from me it was very far. Then few years later I moved from that place I searched for something new but it became hard to replace. Our lives seem to work in a similar way. It is only when it’s dark around us we open our eyes really wide. Otherwise you notice when it’s sunny and beautiful you think that’s not needed because you see everything clear and bright. So when I didn’t find that one star I forgot that there are million other stars around me. I started reflecting on my life and my personal tree. That’s when I realized His countless blessings that He has sent down on me. I started looking at things differently and reflected on what their meaning in my life could be. When you open your eyes wide in the darkness it’s amazing what you see. I looked at my family, the sun, moon and trees. It’s only a matter of looking and you will find all your answers and with them you will definitely agree. That’s when you get so many surprises that you didn’t notice before. Just like these flowers in my backyard that I never noticed before. Because the snow was covering them but now that the storms are gone. When the hard times come your life seems like the season fall. All the leaves fall down you feel the chilly wind and it all seems dark. Then winter comes and there are storms. But don’t you worry those storms soon pass. After the snow and storms one day you hear the birds chipping and it all seems beautiful again. It is when the rain comes down you realize you don’t feel the same pain. You discover the flowers in your life and now know what they mean. Because your eyes cried now they see clearly what they never before seen.  He sends down His blessings on you again and again. Just to make you realize and be of the thankful men. Just like these flowers that I never seen. Now I go out every day just to count and smile at them. Yesterday they were eleven today they are fifteen. Just like the blessings in my life that keeps increasing. if your life seems dark right now my advice to you. Open your eyes wide and search for blessings and surprises because they are all around you.

But when We send down water [rain] on it, it is stirred [to life], it swells and puts forth every lovely kind [of growth] – Surah Al-Hajj; 5


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