Chasing the sun




The beautiful sun is at my window again. Its rays touch me but yet still so far away. Our lives seem to work in a similar way. Some days are full of sunshine following with some days that are gray. But behind the gray you will see a bit of sunshine once again. The cloudy days always finish with a bit of sunrays at the end. We complain when the good times in our lives end why don’t we complain in the same way about when the hard times are done? You are constantly struggling as the days pass by one by one. So take the Sun as the good times and the hard times are gray. I won’t call them bad because there is no running away. It is through those hard times you learn and grow. And the events of your life seem to have a balanced flow. Life would be too boring if we always had the sun if you only get to know. Even the richest of people are not happy so what if it doesn’t show?

There is a constant struggle of wanting more and more. When will we stop and not want this world so much anymore. Recently I attended a funeral and it hit me hard. What am I doing with my life am I keeping guard? When I saw the face of the deceased it was hard to take my eyes off. That was the reality Yes I did get a shock. We are all walking towards the same end. Some reach before us I see that as a good thing. Where is this world going it is hard to understand? So they took the deceased body on its way to the graveyard. I left the building after that and started walking towards the bus stop. I was walking towards the same way where it went. I just don’t know when I will meet my end. I hope to find light when I meet my end because when you try to imagine yourself 6 feet under the ground it doesn’t seem to be very pleasant.

Light upon Light (Surah noor) I try to imagine as I write. I can’t because it is unseen but it does seem very beautiful and bright. So what if some of your days are gray just hope for a bright end. As long as you see the sunshine know that better days will come. Because without struggles and hard times in our lives it would be no fun!


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