60 seconds to reflect


He set the signs in the Universe. The least ones can be those that He guided you to see. Take a minute to question and reflect that how it can all be? The universe is full of secrets you will find more and more when you walk on the right trail. But if you try to explain it you will probably fail. Ask the doctor that was taken away by death. whose medicine caused your death when you probably thought you were experienced and the very best? Ask the patient who got well when medicine was unable to treat him…who made you get better when everyone around has given up on hope for him? The healthy person that dies without any illness… who brought death upon you and caused that stillness? Ask the person who had perfect eye sight but was afraid of falling in a hole… and then he fell in one who made you fall down as a whole? That one blind person who walked in the crowd without colliding. Who is guiding your steps while in your head you may be thinking when to make a turn and deciding? Oh fetus you are living in solitude with no one around  you… who is your Guardian who is taking care of you? Ask the baby when he is born crying… who made you cry boo boo? And that snake you are so afraid of when you see it discharging its poison ask it who has filled you with poison? How are you alive while the poison is filling your mouth? Do you complain to Him about that poison why don’t we hear any shouts? Ask the bees abdomen… how it drips with honey? And ask the honey… who made you sweet? Ask the purified milk coming through blood who made you so pure why are you not red as a beet? And if you see life coming out of the dead ask who brought you to life? When a plant dries out after it has been taken care of … then ask who dried you out? And if you see a plant growing by itself in a desert… then stop and ask who made you grow? At night when you see the moon spreading its light… stare it and ask who made you so bright and glow? And ask the sun rays that come close and touch you while the sun is so far… who made you come close to me? Ask the bitter fruit that you eat… who made you so bitter out of all the fruits to be? When you see the fire kindled with flame… ask the flame who ignited you? When you see the high mountains reaching the clouds ask them who established you. And when you see a hard rock cracked by water… ask it who cracked you? When you see rivers and sea flowing with water… ask them who made you flow? And when you see the night getting dark slowly ask who is weaving your darkness? The next morning when you see the dawn rising with radiance … then question  who shaped your brightness? His sign are all around you regardless of whether you see or you don’t see. If you don’t find the time to reflect on other things then just look at yourself in the mirror for a minute and question who made you to be? What has provoked you against Him…The Almighty?

photo taken in Gujrat Pakistan May 2013 sunrise


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