This world scares me


what I was and what I will be. The more I run away from this world the more it chases me. Testing me in the most unexpected ways to see. If I will give up or escape and set myself free. I always felt uncomfortable when being praised. There was a time I wanted to be recognized but now that’s not even the case. I do what I do hoping my sins will get erased. Just the hope to be not disgraced. When you love Allah He puts love in people’s heart for you. If you truly love Him you will always find a way from this world’s love to break through. This world chases you in the most unexpected ways. sometimes filling you with pride and with wrong things making you slip away. making you forget that to Him you will go back one day. I get scared thinking what if on that day I get thrown away or what If He doesn’t want to meet me in the same way. What if I get caught with this world and lose the race. He has shown me the two ways (Surah al-Balad). I do not want to be of those who put their deeds on display (Surah Al-Ma’un). So why does this world still comes chasing after me? Why can’t it leave me alone and let it be…




photo: Kuwait April 20th 2013


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