Pimp your ride



He found you in want, and made you free of want (Surah ad-duha). yet its a shame we still want this world to make us feel confident. let me explain what I mean in a example that is decent. A man buys a nice lookin car and feels all high. Sees others lower than him and thinks he is touching the sky. But did you take a minute to ever realize? That nice lookin car is only few inches above the ground and cannot fly…you will drive on the same road that pedestrians use to walk by. so why does achieving this world make us feel above high? Why do we want to make ourselves feel better by buying this world and letting it deceive our eyes? When you take a step towards Him you start to feel self-sufficient. not desiring this world and you are no longer on a worldly hunt. Your life turns to take a turn because you realize He is your Owner and you are just really a slave and a servant!



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