The Best Planner



I don’t know what to write but here it goes. I need to understand this before the feeling grows. It’s been some time that I am trying to tell myself that Allah knows.time is the best teacher and Allah shows.

we all plan but Allah also plans. He turns our “can’ts” into “cans” and gives us another chance. While others plan against you He makes you strong and helps you stand. Then their plans fail while they rub their hands.

They also planned against all this. While here you was getting prepared for it. They were smiling in your face while behind your back just waiting to hit. but Allah knew the hearts and it is He who did what was most fit. They wanted to see you fall now isn’t that sad. they were the weak ones but they wanted to make you feel bad.

Now comes the time when they finally hit just waiting to see you fall and lose hope by it. You were about to fall and you feel as someone caught your hand. and there you are on your feet stronger than before you stand. Their intentions to break you because they thought they were the best. Allah took them away from you because He knew by what they were doing you were stressed.

People enter your life sometimes to stay sometimes as a guest. They either make you feel blessed or sometimes very stressed. Sometimes you win sometimes you learn. After the lesson is done it is time for you to return. To the One that is the Best of Planner because He is calling you; you must go because it is your turn.



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