you know once in a while in life when you need answers. when others tell you again and again that you did the right thing. but your heart just doesn’t seem to listen. you did what was right but you heart just doesn’t feel all right. you feel its all dark around you and you see no light. so for you the time is now and your thoughts keep getting confused with questions when where and how?

you know that it was right. others told you the same. so whose answer are you waiting for to fill this frame?  The Knower of all and the One who sees all saw their game. the story that was created and how you was treated… yup! that was lame. He knew your intentions that’s all that matters at the end. So here you are back to the same looking for someone to tell you again and again.

you open His book and words hit you like a breeze. you heart fills with patience you eyes with tears  and you feel at ease.

 By the forenoon (after sun-rise); And by the night when it is still (or darkens); Your Lord  has neither forsaken you nor hated you; And surely what comes after is better for you than that which has gone before.And soon, your Lord will give you so that you shall be well-pleased;

Knowing that He Knows all is everything that you need. You know He will be the Most Just so just let them do their deed.we all forget what happens … even forgetting that He sees; He knows what’s in your heart  that’s what matters so let it be. Their time is now so they can enjoy it as they please; but what goes around comes around that I can guarantee.


Branches of our tree.

view out that window | my favorite tree.

view out that window | my favorite tree.

Today I stare out my window. I watch this tree, and its been some time though. I think to my myself that Glory be to God the way He sometimes sends us signs that leave us in awe! Coming back to the reality let’s get this straight. He is the creator and His creation He creates. This tree is a creation and it grows. It has branches and leaves that everyone knows. When the season changes the leaves fall down. At times when there is a heavy storm the branches also break down. When the leaves fall down they get no attention. Because they leave now but new ones come back the next season.  But what happens when a big branch breaks down? Everyone notices the empty space… some may even frown.

Now lets come back to us and understand the message through this, That tree is you and the leaves are a list. People come and go but there is always a next round. When new people replace the old ones and you have no wound. But there are some people that become the branches of you. Your family, your friends and God knows who. What happens when they decide to break away?  Just like the branches they don’t tell the tree first…. that we are about to leave you so please forgive us.

Once that branch breaks away do you find it hard to stand straight?. No of course not! because that’s not your way! But now the branch is gone and there is that empty space. You already grew that part so you don’t know how to replace. All you can do is wait and watch instead of knowing what to do next. That is God’s way of working so just be patient and that’s it! If one branch breaks down another is growing somewhere else. So stop being sad about what left … it left because it didn’t fit!

Now see it’s just few branches compared to thousand leaves. Do the same with your life so later you won’t have to grieve. The bigger the branch the bigger the empty space will be, Make the people the leaves and just know… that through out your life they will come and go. If they become the branches you will be hurt. but it was God’s will so in Him you must trust!