With hardship comes ease.


I sit here in my room at this time alone. Feeling cold hearted towards this world that is known. I think about what my eyes saw, and what was really shown. Sometime we say things with more than one meaning. It may be to hide something or most of the time for the other to understand the sarcastic meaning. It’s hard to figure out at times what the other one is really trying to say…It’s only us humans that seem to use their tricks to work this way…

But today on this rainy day I think about the situation …Out in front of me is Allah’s beautiful creation…I am not trying to find an answer to what why and when. Neither was I trying for it all to make sense

Then these words come to my mind all of a sudden…They seem to bring a light with them because I don’t feel the frustration

Allah said in the Quran that “Verily, with every hardship comes ease” (94:6)

All praise be to Allah; now I am starting to feel the breeze. We often make our own meaning with it and think the after the hardship lays the ease…I think of the ayah and the situation & smile because now I see clearly…Sometimes we go through the hard times thinking better days will come

But while that hardship is there…is it better than before what we have become? When the hard days are gone, everything seems to look better. It’s not because things changed it is because we became better…

I’ll say what I was thinking because now I feel the need…I think about the girl who stood up for the rights…My heart cries when I see her in the video in which Quran she recites…She faces hardship now as fighting for her life in the hospital she lays…message that would’ve taken her years to pass  throughout the world…

Everyone knows now and everyone has heard; If you sit there and think you may understand the real meaning. Think about what the media all around us has been screening. Allah has brought ease for her in a way along with the hardship

AllahuAkbar; glory be to Him and it is Him we worship;

dedicated to: Malala Yousufzai

May Allah bless her with a quick recovery. Ameen ;


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