you desire for something and it is given to you
after getting it do you ever wonder that who the ‘thankyou’ is due to?
same old story its nothing new;we all know in our heart that it is true
i asked for something a while ago; it took its time and came to me so slow
it was in front of me all this time and had no value! ye WOW?!
everything happens for a reason and sometimes there is a delay
but God finally showed me its value in His own way
i sat there staring that wow wow wow
this is something i asked so much for a while ago
its wierdly true that i finally had what i asked for and i did not care
although a while back i asked for and mentioned it in my every prayer
why is it that we always want what we don’t have
why can’t we be really satisfied with all that we do have?
we get and forget, God gives and forgives
this is the process of life that we truly seem to live
i kept asking for more not noticing that i was getting it all
i wanted something bigger, the past seemed to look so small
inner satisfaction is a way to happiness; its really what we all need
cause if you think about it; life would be way different…
if we never got any of what we asked for or fancied


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